Why Should Anyone Work with You? How to Document Your Unique Brilliance

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puzzled clueless woman shrugs shoulders on grey backgroundWhat makes your company different? What is your unique brilliance? There are lots of great companies to work with and many places for people to spend their money—why should your customers work with you rather than the other guy?

And you’d better not say “great customer service” because everyone says that. There’s another reason why people choose to work with you—what is it? Why you?

There are many others who do what you do

Chances are, there are many companies or individuals out there doing what you do, selling what you sell. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It shows there’s a market for what you do. But why should anyone choose to work with you and not one of the other guys?

These are reasons to not give for choosing you:

• “I give great customer service.”

• “I care about my customers.”

• “I am honest and trustworthy.”

All these things may be true, but guess what? Everyone says these things, whether or not they are true. This list could apply to many of your competitors as well—they could also give great customer service, care about their customers, and be honest and trustworthy. You need to go deeper than these surface reasons.

Five ways to uncover your unique brilliance

1.) Your experiences

Is there something you’ve gone through that helps you to relate to your customers better than anyone else? When I was coaching graphic designers, they appreciated that I had actually run a graphic design firm for over 25 years. Believe me, there were other people coaching designers who did not have that experience. Now that I’m focusing specifically on business owners with ADHD, my experience of being a successful business owner with ADHD helps me relate to my clients. In what way do you relate to your customers, and can they relate to you?

2.) Your expertise

Do you have a special expertise that others in your industry do not have? Special training, a talent, or knack for what you do, that makes you stand out? One of my clients has a maintenance-type business, but he has a professional creative background. This creative expertise helps him stand out from the other companies that don’t have visually pleasing outcomes to their projects. How does your specialized expertise help your customers?

3.) Your point of view

Do you have a unique point of view that helps your customers, while your competitors just go through the motions? One of my clients who offers personal services believes women don’t have enough sanctuary in their lives, and her approach with them oozes serenity, attention, and care. Does your point of view resonate with your customers and make them feel more comfortable with you? What is it? How can you bring it out more?

4.) Your delivery

Do you have a unique delivery, or method of service, that differs from your competition? Before I moved to California, I got my eyeglass frames from a woman who would come to your house or office, after hand choosing frames specifically for your facial structure and personality. Is there anything unique about the way you deliver your product or service?

 5.) Something your customers see that you don’t

Why do your customers tell you they work with you? What do they tell you is unique about you and/or your business? There’s a reason they chose you and keep coming back—what is it? If you don’t know, ask a few of them why they work with you instead of someone else.

Use these five questions to uncover your unique brilliance and be better able to talk about why people should work with you, and start adding these elements to your conversations. You’re unique! Let people know about it.

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