Women in Business Radio January 31 — Internet Radio

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I had a terrific time on Michele Price’s Women in Business Radio on Monday, talking about my business journey — how and why I’m where I am, my bumps along the road, and what I’ve learned that might help other women.

Listen to the interview recording through my very own Women in Business Radio page!

    Women in Business Radio is a popular weekly broadcast over the Internet, created as a communication hub for women in business across the world. Michele’s vision with Women in Business Radio is to be a gathering place every Monday, to share messages from women in business so you can see your potential, power, and profitability through connection with other women.

    Michele Price is a savvy business woman who has uncovered, out of necessity, interesting and dynamic ways to build her business, brand, and  presence online. Creating ways to be found online so that when people need your expertise, they already know, like, and trust you, is where Michele shines.

    Listen in for a fun conversation. For full details, make sure you visit the official page for my broadcast.

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