I’ve coached many business owners over the last ten years—both ADHD and non-ADHD.  I still coach many creative business owners as well as ADHD business owners. Some ADHD coaching clients mentioned their ADHD in their comments, and some didn’t. The words on this page represent the complete scope. MH



“You make an enormous difference in my life.  You are a brilliant coach!! Talking with you today has helped me enormously with defining what I can and should do next. And the way you understand and describe me to myself has such an incredible impact. Thank you for the compliments and insights. You make an enormous difference in my life and in the lives of others.”

Dr. Mel Ganus, EdD, MBA, ADD, San Diego, CA


“I learn so much from your approach.  I’m not ADHD, nevertheless I learn so much from your approach on all of this and thank you for putting people first, it makes doing business this way so rewarding.”

Pierre, Montreal, Canada


“I felt validated and heard.  Marcia is not only a successful business woman in her chosen field. She’s a soulful coach who is generous to offer her guidance without judgment and has a solid, simple, easy method that gave me clarity on how to handle my daily biz challenges. She listens with an open heart and made it a mission to help entrepreneurs with ADHD, like me. You understand its symptoms and how it can be paralyzing to tackle its negative effects in running my own online business. Your nurturing approach made me feel understood, confident, calm, and excited to grow my business and succeed, so I can positively move forward and reach higher levels and positively impact others. I felt validated and heard. Thank you. You are a blessing to the world.” 

Hazel, Founder, Blogger, and Life Coach, Montreal, Canada


“You had specifics. I loved it! I’m really glad I did it—I got a lot of really good ideas. I like working with you, and I love having the recordings of our sessions. I’m glad I invested with you, and this won’t be the last time. You had specifics—like what works, what doesn’t work, and what makes me money. It was a good investment to get me focused.” 

Cindy Dyer, Dyer Design, Alexandria, VA


“You always seem to know what I need to hear. I’m glad I’ve had you to bounce ideas off of the last few months, as they’ve been really challenging and stressful. Having your perspective is important, both as someone who understands ADHD and as a business owner. I have other advisors who don’t ‘get’ ADHD—you always seem to know what I need to hear, you’re good at it. Learning new organizational skills has been really, really helpful and I know it will be beneficial going forward, to rely on and lean on. It just makes life a lot easier. There’s so much I’ve learned from working with you, it’s been so helpful. Thank you, thank you!”

Destri, Los Angeles, CA


“I don’t need to worry about trying to reinvent everything all at once—I can relax, knowing that there is a method. I am a psychiatrist with ADHD, running a private practice. Managing the administrative details of the practice has been much more challenging than I anticipated, and I have found my ADHD symptoms more disabling as a business owner than they ever were when I was employed, even when I was in complex and challenging jobs. Your online resources have been really helpful for making sense of this discrepancy, and to make incremental changes to handle things better. The Business Blueprint Chunks classes are just the right size. I also don’t need to worry about trying to reinvent everything all at once—I can relax, knowing that there is a method. The single notebook technique and the time blocking class have been especially helpful.”

Jane, Psychiatrist


“The steps you recommended are things I can actually do, with pleasure. What a relief to know I don’t have to get a personality transplant to boost my visibility, attract more clients and hopefully be more successful. And what a revelation to me, after years of having a general assignment mindset, that I can go after the kind of writing I actually enjoy. It would be great to look forward to an assignment, not grit my teeth in dread or have to do hours and hours of research before beginning.

Here’s the thing: the steps you recommended are things I can actually do, with pleasure, not things I’ll suffer through or avoid because they feel so unnatural. And I can do them almost immediately. You were so generous with your time and your insights. I feel very upbeat about everything we discussed. I’m grateful!”

Marjorie Preston, Business Writer and Novelist, Brigantine, NJ


“I got my biggest commission check in 11 months. Someone asked me what’s the #1 thing I’ve gotten from working with Marcia . . . and there are so many wonderful things happening, I can’t really say what the best thing is. I guess maybe getting my biggest commission check in 11 months! I also have more confidence and more hope in myself and my business these days . . . and actual tools and steps to get where I want to go.  

Marcia is one of the most incredible people I have ever met. She’s truly brilliant and she has soooo already ‘been there done that’ regarding the areas she coaches on.  She’s not all talk and advice—she learned, and now teaches, effective methods for ADHD folks to get to where they want and need to be as business owners.  I have heard of no coach even 1/10 as right-on or effective in their methods. I like the positive reinforcement I get from Marcia, but what I need are actual steps and tools to put to work—actionable steps I guess you could say, and that’s exactly what I’m getting from Marcia.  Her Business Blueprint Chunks classes are so fantastic, too.

One of the most amazing things about Marcia is that she is truly humble and so kind to the same degree that she’s brilliant!  She is one of my greatest blessings—as much as a friend as well as my coach.”

Janie McKeithan, Director, BeautiControl, San Diego, CA


“This review session was extremely, extremely helpful. Somewhere inside we know what we have to do, but you really bring it out!”

Gina Rombley, BEO Studios, Providence, RI


“We accomplished exactly what I was hoping I’d accomplish. If you were here, I’d give you a big hug and a kiss!

Before reaching out to you I had gotten myself good and stuck. Right between fears of making the ‘wrong’ decision and an inability to spot the connections I knew were there. The detailed prep work you did was apparent and helped us use the time very well. By the end of our time together I felt I was back on track and headed in a great direction I could feel completely confident about.

My only regret is I didn’t do this with you sooner. I’m looking forward to working with you again!”

Winnie Anderson, Lewiston, NY


“You’re really, really good. The coaching with you has been really indispensable, like a godsend. You understood me right off the bat. I appreciate your ability to think things through with me in a wise, thoughtful way and put words to things—it’s huge how you can give me the language I need.

I loved it. You’re really, really good.”

Update (after a recent productive coaching session, Janet asked me to add this to her testimonial): “I think I’l just be coaching with Marcia the rest of my life.”

Janet Jones, Fellow/Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, Charlotte, NC


“The improvements are life changing. I’m getting out to the job sites more now because my time is more organized. I’m getting more face time with customers and employees now, and I’m seeing an increase in profitability. It feels good—I’m pretty impressed by it. I’m smiling a lot more, I’m a lot happier. When we first started coaching a few weeks ago, I wasn’t in a good place, and I needed to make changes. Now I see things in a different light, and I have a whole new perspective on things. I appreciate everything you’re doing. The improvements are life changing.”

Michael Buck, Couple-O-Bucks General Contractor, San Diego, CA


“I like the way you dig around. My coaching sessions with you have been very beneficial for things that just come up in my business, things I wouldn’t know who else to turn to. You cover so much, and you’re very open to any topic—from helping me with my award acceptance speech, to hiring and HR, to finances, and marketing my company. I like the way you dig around—you don’t let me stop with ‘oh, things are fine.’ You keep digging into areas you can really help me with.”

Marilyn Trent, Trent Creative, Detroit, MI


“Our first call was SO therapeutic and, your insights were right on track! Because the constant brain ping pong of—to-do, no follow thru—takes it toll, I was at a standstill. The ability to share my business challenges without feeling judged or the ‘geez, just make a list and do it’, took me off the constant guilt trip I ride w/ADD. When you said, ‘Your ideas are not commitments,’ it propelled me into a new way of thinking, like a shot of adrenaline and permission dream again. Thank you for rejuvenating my spirit. It’s made such a difference to have both a coach who gets the ADD brain—you understand we don’t do business as usual—and there’s accountability that’s not overwhelming!”

Leslie Stullken, My Healthy Table, Kansas City


“Since working with Marcia, business has just been showing up. It’s fascinating to me that, since working with Marcia, business has just been showing up, and flowing in. Part of that is because I’m choosing to invest time and money in the business — that’s been very important. It’s also huge for me to have the support of the Success Club group. Our last quarter was just awesome.”

Susan Bateman, Zuli Creative, San Diego, CA


“A lot of people wouldn’t understand the ADHD side. There were lots of things I needed to work on for business, and a lot of people wouldn’t understand the ADHD side of that. Now I’m getting a sense of what’s realistic and measurable, and I like to see the improvement. I thought it would be more complicated and a lot of work but it’s a relief, it feels more confident and gives me a sense of control.”

Brooks White, NC Sturgeon, Midland, TX


“I didn’t know it would help me this much. My ADHD was driving me crazy and I had no functional way of dealing with it, even though I was completely aware of different methods. You have a special way of doing things that really appeals to me–I think the value is obvious. You’ve helped me with narrowing my business focus, and with structures. I honestly don’t know how most graphic designers work without you.”

I didn’t have hope or direction before and now I do. I came into this scattered. Now I feel a lot more focused. . . and my business is profitable again. I borrowed $5000 to work with you, and it was the best $5000 I ever spent.”

Mark Kawate, Dauntless Design & Development, York, PA


“The biggest thing I’ve gained is confidence, and knowing that I’m running my business right. I used to say, ‘I do web and graphic design and brochures,’ but now, after working with you and learning what I want out of my business, I know how to talk about my value and what I really do, and it’s a lot more intriguing to people.

Just recently I was talking to a business owner friend about the work I was doing with you. He asked if it was worth it, and I said it was absolutely worth it. It’s beyond value.”

Addie Sorbo, Strawberry Fields Design, Green Bay, WI


“Your blogs and webinars, I find extremely helpful. From the first time I spoke with you (actually, from the first time I heard you speak, for a webinar through the Graphic Artists Guild), I felt that you were good at listening deeply and relating to people where they are, and I really appreciated your thoughtful follow-up email. Also your blogs and webinars, I find extremely helpful. Your method regarding roughly blocking out the time for the following day or several days works for me . . . when I use it.

Thank you so much for a great Authentic Confidence class! Especially for today, the Q&A call.”

Busha Husak, The Design Company, Boston, MA


“It’s made a huge difference for me. I was first exposed to you through Lorrie Morgan Ferrero who I respect a great deal. I began following you and could just sense from your podcasts, blog, and website that you were an honest, caring person. I was thrilled to discover that you work with ADHD entrepreneurs AND that you really understand creatives. I actually put your picture on my vision board and set the intention to work with you ‘some day’. So when you announced a program about one of my core issues — confidence — I knew I had to participate. 

I was talking with a cyber-colleague this morning, after being in this Authentic Confidence course with you. Near the end of the conversation he said, ‘Can I tell you something? I hope you won’t get offended. I don’t know what’s happened but you suddenly seem so much more . . . what’s the word? . . . CONFIDENT.’

Thanks so much for the great program; it’s made a huge difference for me and I’m sure it won’t be the last program I participate in with you.”

Winnie Anderson, Client Focused Marketing, NJ


“I appreciate your keen ability to listen. Marcia, I value your experience and commitment to your own growth as well as that of your clients. Most of all, I appreciate your keen ability to listen, the strong foundation and direction you provide during our sessions, and your kindness. Thank you.”

Laura Selis, Austin, TX


“You are a breath of fresh air among all the noise and hoopla in the marketing field. I just listened to the ‘Find your Mojo’ recording. (Yes, I am still burning the candle on all ends!) I just have to tell you how lovely your authentic voice is. It was evident that first time I had spoken with you, a few years ago it seems. Your humility and sincerity are a breath of fresh air among all the noise and hoopla in the on-line marketing, and marketing in general, field.

Thank you for offering your vulnerability and strength, wisdom and challenges, so openly.”

Dr. Mira Herman, Rosemira Organics, Sebastopol, CA


“Your guidance helped increase my confidence to stand firm. Your corporate experience helped me connect with other experiences I have had with larger companies and the way they do things. I had an inkling, and you helped me get clear on this initiative. Your confirmation that I was on the right track and your guidance to stand strong enabled me to have the confidence to take a lead with them, and their reaction reaffirmed my position.

Also, your upbeat nature and firm belief in the worth of the work you do rubs off on me.”

Dave Fleck, Center for Organizational Success, New Castle, DE


“It’s like you’re Nancy Drew or something! I’m more than 100% satisfied with my VIP Intensive Day with you. A lot of underlying problems that were not being able to be discussed were brought to the table. My team has the same frustrations I have, and they don’t know how to fix them, either. They could relate to you — as a friendly, caring woman who listened to them — and who had a lot of solutions. They felt refreshed, they could see I was serious about improving the company.

I didn’t really know what to expect. But you could see where you could help the most and where I could get the most bang for my buck, like you’re Nancy Drew or something! You didn’t know me well, or the company, but you have a method of discovery, with your pre-VIP Day questionnaire and interview — and the time with me, with my staff, doing the follow up — it all worked. My team wanted to feel good, and they did. I’ll be working with you again.”

Marilyn Trent, Trent Design, Rochester, MI


“It’s been an incredible, incredible, experience, working with you. You got us thinking how we can make things more valuable and be more proactive for our clients. Because of you and the way we’re rethinking ourselves, we got two new client opportunities and another new job from an existing client this week, and the enthusiasm and excitement we feel about what we’re doing with you reflects when we’re talking to our clients and others — it’s very contagious.

We’re very energized and really appreciate your help. You gave us a lot of tools, and you are exactly what we needed at just the right time. We are poised for success and really excited.”

Karen and Peter Cronin, Cronin Creative, Nashville, TN


“I wanted you to know I really stood out to them . . . I just have a quick share. I finished up my branding process quickly last week (because I HAD to for a presentation!) and with it may get a project to brand a tourist town near my home. I’m in the final round as they present me to the board next week. I wanted to let you know I really stood out to them because even the 2 agencies I went up against didn’t have a written process to share! Fingers crossed.

I may be moving a little slowly through our coaching stuff, but I’m still plugging along and it has been such a boost. THANK YOU!!”

Jacqueline Johnson, Jacqueline-Johnson.com, Appleton, WI


“Before I started to work with you, I was feeling overwhelmed, spinning my wheels, disappointed in myself, and not getting anywhere, no matter what I tried to do. I needed to get clear about what I was doing, why I was doing it, whether I should continue doing it, or what I should do instead. What I’ve gained is clarity in those areas, and I have much more of it than I did before we talked.

I feel much better, partly because of your way of bringing clarity to all of it. I read a lot, and have layers of information, but being able to learn from you how to apply it in my situation has been very helpful.

The coaching with you changed my perspective. It feels good to see some light instead of overwhelming weight, and to appreciate and give myself credit for what I’ve done. You’ve opened the door to that, and for that I’ll always be grateful. I’ve enjoyed all of my time with you and I feel like I’ve benefited well beyond the investment that I made. My momentum is building and I’m excited about the present and future of my practice. It’s all good.”

Kathy J. Amon, Esq, The Law Office of Kathy J. Amon, LLC, Maumee, OH


“It’s been totally outrageous. I’m really happy that I went through this with you because I learned so much in such a short period of time. There are connections that are happening as a result of all of this information I’m getting from you — I’m really getting tuned in.

I feel really good about what I’ve learned — you have such strong strategies — and I now have the basis to move forward. You did 100%, no question, you did over 100%. I’ve never worked with a coach, this is my first experience, and it’s been a great experience.

Thanks for everything, your undivided attention, follow-up, incredible wisdom on marketing me and showing me that I have the ability to move forward with new tools to build my business.”

Lia Scardamaglia, Lia & Company Creative, Derry, NH


“I love my voice-to-voice coaching with Marcia, but I also must say that she is amazing at giving such pertinent, helpful information and perspectives through her emails to me as part of our coaching package. So for anyone questioning the value of the email work with Marcia — it is excellent and of HUGE value!  I experience Marcia’s work to be of the highest quality – often finding just what I needed through her email coaching.”   

Bernadette Hunter,  Powerful Performance, Denver, CO


“You are truly a gifted coach and mentor. Before working with Marcia, I was feeling a bit lost in my business . . . overwhelmed, overworked, and at times under valued. I notice I feel this way whenever my life is shifting and I’m going through a stage of growth with my marketing and design firm. So I began looking for what I called a ‘creative business coach.’ Someone who could be a sounding board, was objective, and had years of business savvy. That’s when I found Marcia! With 25 years of running her own marketing communications firm, she had the ‘I know what you’re going through’ kind of experience I was looking for.

From our very first conversation, I knew I wanted to work with Marcia. She is very strategic, which I really appreciate. In her own client application process, Marcia asks you dozens of questions that get you thinking about your business, your challenges, AND your successes in a way that most of us don’t take the time to do.

With all the time and effort I put in to ‘working in’ my business, my coaching sessions with Marcia were my time to regroup, review, and ‘work on’ my business. I have found more than the creative business coach I was looking for; I found a partner and friend.

Thank you, Marcia, for all the guidance and encouragement you’ve given me these last few months. You are truly a gifted coach and mentor.”

Shá LeBoeuf-Dubois, Elan, Cumberland, RI


“What could I possibly gain from a business coach? Thank you for helping to set me on a forward path to my goals.  Initially, I wondered what I could possibly gain from a business coach?  After owning a successful business for 10 years, I really felt that I knew what and how to do the things I needed to be a success, however, I was stagnant and not moving in any direction.  After our session, I feel completely renewed and full of energy to move forward taking the necessary steps to being successful — the second time around.  Thank you so much for the wonderful advice!”

Colette Cochrane, Windsor, ON


“I feel really good about having clear direction about how to grow, so thank you, I’m very excited about that. It’s been very helpful — I really do appreciate your thoughts and advice. I feel very comfortable telling you how I really feel and I can already tell it’s made a big difference, too. The biggest thing is being able to plan a little bit better, and I like that a lot.

I want to get working on it right away. I feel like even in what we’ve done so far, it has made me feel confident in taking the next step, that there is a way to do that – and that’s my goal. I definitely want to continue.”

Jeffery James, Spire2 Communications, Naperville, IL


“This is the first time ever I’ve done something like this and I’m really glad I did it. You were fantastic, and really easy to talk to. You had a ton of great insights, and I felt like you really listened to what I was trying to say. I’ve really appreciated working with you, it’s been very valuable for my business and the way I think and work with clients.

After six weeks with you, I feel like the paralyzing fog I was in is starting to clear, and I’m much better equipped to take my business to the next level.”

Cedric Hohnstadt, Cedric Hohnstadt Illustration, Bloomington, MN Read more about his experience of hiring a coach on Cedric’s blog.


“We have several new clients, including the perfect client you and I visualized, since you’ve been my coach. I’ve got to say, I’m more engaged with our business than I’ve ever been, my husband and I are doing better in our relationship than we ever have, and we have several new clients, including the perfect client you and I visualized, since you’ve been my coach.

I think the feeling of continuous, consistent support, and you just ‘seeing’ me and mirroring back to me has been very, very valuable for me. And you’re my cheerleader! And it’s working for me.”

Travis Smith, Marchi & Smith, Mill Valley, CA


“Marcia, you embody a rare combination of patience and steady challengeI cannot believe how much I have grown under your mentorship. The other day I was in a challenging moment with a big client and I was astonished to hear what was coming out of my own mouth. I was clear and confident. I knew this was the impact of having you at my back, coaching me moment by moment this past year.

If I had to choose one thing out of these years of learning all this stuff, if I had to throw away all my connections to anybody else, I would keep Marcia Hoeck.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me!”

Barbara McCollough, Boston, MA


“I saw my sense of purpose around my work blossom. Marcia grabbed my attention when I heard her advice for building authentic confidence—her views on the pitfalls of the “fake it ’til you make it” mentality really rang true for me. By following her guidance on this issue alone, I saw my sense of purpose around my work blossom. It was liberating. With renewed clarity and enthusiasm for my business, I have recently begun talking with Marcia about developing some new areas of specialization that I’ve long dreamed of incorporating. Her practical, nuts-and-bolts advice on a wide array of business issues, combined with her sensitivity to the particular psychological challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs, is exactly the type of support I’ve needed to bring these goals to fruition.”

Betsy Cordes, February 13 Creative, San Francisco, CA


“The fact that you’ve actually been in this business sets you apart from the other consultants out there. The combination of your frankness and your uncondescending attitude makes talking with you as enjoyable as it is rewarding. I’d love to get more of your time.”

Nancy Benson Carroll, B Plus C Communications, Indianapolis, IN


“You’re spot on with your information. I’m so grateful that I got to spend some time with you on a phone consultation. You put me at ease about my business, and opened my eyes to some areas that I hadn’t thought about. You showed me the light in a thoughtful and understanding way, and I really appreciate the connection you made for me. You’re spot on with your information — what you gave me will help me for the long term. I’m a fan!”

Heidi North, Brooklyn, NY


“Thank you, Marcia. You make me feel so brave!”

Cyndi B


“It’s been hugely motivating and important for me. My business has always been successful and it just sort of grew, and sometimes I’ve felt like I’m just making it up as I go along. So one of the things I really appreciate about the Success Club and working with Marcia and our time in Detroit, is the support and the feedback, which has been really amazing. I constantly have moments where I’m like, what am I going to do now? And I take things on where I feel like things could go really well, or go really wrong, and it’s been hard to grow.

What I’ve learned through this work is that I do in fact know what I’m doing. There is a reason why I’m doing this, and I can replicate it. Marcia also helped pull my specialty out of me, which has been totally foundational in building my approach to new and current clients. I feel really confident and passionate in what I can do for people. I go on rants now. It’s been hugely motivating and important for me, especially working by myself. Even though I’ve been doing this for awhile now, and still need to work on my systems and practices and confidence — now I’m being proactive.”

Jacqueline Johnson, Appleton, WI


“I feel like I am finally acquiring the tools and understanding I need. Thank you so much for your coaching, Marcia! Your advice has been invaluable. I feel like I am finally acquiring the tools and the understanding I need to move myself and my business forward!”

Megan Dorko, Yardley, PA


“Thanks to you, my team is working much more profitably. I spend less time on managing and training, so I’m free to focus on growing the business. Thanks to your team communication system and focused understanding of work styles, my team is working much more profitably than it was just 2 months ago. My partner Liz and I spend less time on mananging and training, so we can be free to grow the business.

You helped us all get clear about our roles in the company, so bottlenecks disappeared and the problems don’t all end up back on my desk! No more ‘babysitting’ and now I can focus on profits.”

Alexandria Brown, Ali Brown International Inc., Los Angeles, CA


“It was so profound for me in ways I hadn’t expected. The Value exercise was just so eye opening at a deep level for me and it’s opened a whole new door of communication for me with my audience, so it was just amazing for me, just amazing.

I’ve been in a lot of different trainings and studies and I’ve never felt as good about being in a space and learning and growing as I am in this one right now, and I wanted to communicate that to you publicly because it really has been so transformative for me, so thank you so much.

I was shocked. I thought, ‘Oh it will be a fun little course,’ but I probably got more value out of that one class than I have in a lot of classes I paid thousands of dollars for, truthfully.”

Lisa Robbin Young, The Renaissance Mom, Flint, MI


“I’m feeling more confident talking to people about my business. When I first heard you speak, I felt like I wanted to make a big change — I knew I wanted my business to grow. But I didn’t know how to do it, I didn’t know which path to take. I was so relieved when I heard you say I didn’t have to write a business plan, because I thought that was my next step!

Now, after working with you, I’m very excited. I definitely feel I have a very clear, very realistic, very helpful direction. Because of your help and advice, I now have the skills, and I know I’m on the right path to take my business to the next level.

I’m feeling more confident talking to people about my business, too, and finding clients in places I didn’t expect. I took my kids to the dentist and found myself talking to the dentist about business, about his website — and we may be doing some work together.

It’s been great. A big a-ha for me has been finding out what makes us different, and what our clients value us for so we can talk about it – I couldn’t have found that on my own.

Thank you, Marcia.”

Anasabina Dys, See Creative, Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada


“I finally have a team thanks to Marcia Hoeck’s amazing coaching. I came to Marcia really frustrated that I couldn’t find good people. As an event planner, it certainly wasn’t a lack of applicants but rather I always seemed to bring someone on that interviewed well but then was a total disaster when it came to actually performing in their job. Marcia took me through a series of steps to change the way I do interviews and it made a world of difference. By applying just one of her techniques I was able to get a way better sense of what the applicants would be like in a day to day position. This was huge for me and stopped me from hiring the wrong person again. My company is also growing really quickly and all this team “stuff” is so new to me.

Marcia totally took the mystery out of hiring, firing, compensation, and her bonus structure is genius! I’m extremely happy with the team I developed thanks to Marcia’s help. I would recommend that any entrepreneur who’s growing their business, and wants to delegate tasks and work to someone else but keeps doing it themselves because their contract workers and employees don’t work out, hire Marcia to coach them to develop a strong team to support them.”

Ciara Daykin, Rockstar Event Planner, Calgary, Alberta, CA


“I am excited and invigorated even more about my business after having spent a half-day VIP Intensive with Marcia. So many great ideas have come from this day, my head is swimming, and that’s a good thing! As she asked, I sent her my goals and desires for the outcomes of the day, and I walked away with even more! This morning’s process has been really enlightening — and so valuable for me. Now I have my work cut out for me, and that is exactly what I wanted.

All I can say is every time I’ve worked with Marcia (and that has been several) she has over delivered. She was exceptionally well prepared. I would recommend her to anyone interested in a coach who has valuable insight and information to offer, and who looks at your business with the same interest she does to her own.”

Cindy Caldwell, Elegant Inner Guidance, Phoenix, AZ


“Thank you so much for, well, everything! You’ve really helped me clarify some important things in such a short while. You are quite amazing! So glad to have you in my life, and I look forward to our next conversation.”

Tracy Carlson, Right-Brain Brands, Boston, MA


“I realized I was actually the bottleneck in my own business’s growth! You’re gentle but powerful, Marcia. This sounds really selfish . . . you’re such a secret weapon, and I kind of am a little jealous that you’re going out there and helping other people — because you were kind of like my secret weapon, giving me strength. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and a lot of mentors in the past, but what I learned and have gotten from you was something on such a deeper level. It wasn’t like making a business plan, it was like ‘hey, let’s look inside at what you can pull out of you and display so your clients see who you are and the value you bring to them.’”

“Marcia is one of the strongest coaches I’ve ever worked with. I got the most value in such a short period of time — so whatever she’s got, you need to sign up for it.

I definitely recommend hiring Marcia. She’s a gifted coach, and has been a force in my life. She may be exactly what you need right now.”

Lorrie Morgan Ferrero, Red Hot Copy, Los Angeles, CA


“This has been just what we needed. I had a sense of momentum before, but it was unwieldy. Now we’re starting to shape and form it to grow, and it’s not out of control anymore. I feel like we’re steamrolling ahead, and it really feels good. We really appreciate all of your time and your work. This has been just what we needed.”

Sasha Rose, ND, MSOM, L.AC, Wildwood Medicine, Portland, ME


“I feel like we now have a plan in place. This has been quite helpful. For me, the biggest thing is feeling on top of the finance part of it and knowing where we’re going from a staffing/hiring point of view, and knowing how to expand. I feel like we now have a plan in place to increase our revenue, which will then allow us to do more of the marketing we want to do.”

Daniel Katz, PT, MSOM, L.AC, Wildwood Medicine, Portland, ME


“It goes very deep to the core of how we operate as business owners and as people. What your course gives is a process by which people can identify the elements in themselves that may be holding back their confidence. Each of the steps ties in and it’s wonderful . . . it’s presented in a safe environment where it goes very deep and to the very core of how we operate as business owners and as people.”

Gillian Zali, The Virtual Path, Torrance, CA


“You’ve shown me how adding to my team will actually make me more money. You have identified every fear I have had about growing my business and needing staff — I thought I would have to baby sit them. You’ve shown me how adding to my team will actually make me more money.”

Ileana Kane, The Million Dollar Muse, San Ramon, CA


“She immediately recognized the style of how I manage my team and what I need to do to bring them together. Marcia knows the secret of how to structure a team. It’s not a myth, it’s not magic, it’s not just a dream — it’s something anyone can do. She immediately recognized the style of how I manage (or don’t manage) my team (or how I’m being an idiot) and what I need to do to bring them together. If you are overwhelmed or frustrated with your business, Marcia has the magic.”

Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, Mompreneur, San Jose, CA


“My brain is sore from you making me think. Every time I hear you, I think new things — my brain is sore from you making me think.”

Kim Speed, Purple Moon Creative, Toronto, ON, Canada


“The coaching sessions jump-started my creative thinking. I had been following Marcia’s blog for several years and the information she provided was always useful and ‘smart.’ When I found myself in the middle of a business transition, I turned to her for coaching . . . and I wish I did it sooner! From the beginning of our first session, Marcia was able to help me organize my thoughts and develop a new plan. She gave me focus and clarity where there was none before. I am now more confident that my goals for the next five years will come to fruition.

The coaching sessions jump-started my creative thinking with out of the box ideas for growing my business. I am no longer tied to traditional ideas about sales. I have built a system for referrals that works with my lifestyle and goals for the future. Within two-weeks from our discussion on sales, I had 4 new prospects and 2 appointments booked.”

Christine Jowdy-Milot, Milot Marketing and Design, CT


“You gave me back my belief in myself. Certainly you helped me build my confidence in the work I do, but even more important, you restored my confidence and faith in my ability to turn that work into a sustainable business. The way you present information is so clear and so simple that it makes everything easy. You’ve made everything so accessible and so practical, and you adapt for our different circumstances. But the concepts, the ideas you gave us, stretched my thinking and then made it easy to apply right away.

I can’t say enough about the value of the way you structured this program. And I love your clear, easy, practical way of talking and your humor and inspiration.

I have more confidence than I’ve ever had before that by applying what you’ve taught us, I will be able to make my business be profitable. You gave me back my belief in myself, and then you gave me practical easy steps. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Bonnie Hutchinson, Edmonton, AL, Canada


“I’ve made several sales, and signed on several clients.  80% of it is due to your consultationYour session really gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get this going. I am proud to say that I have launched a store off my site, and in the past two days, have made what would have been a week’s worth of pay at my old job. I’ve made several sales, and signed on several clients.  80% of it is due to your consultation. The way you helped me realize a vision was truly invaluable. It’s not a full time job yet, but I’m making money and I’m off to a great start!”

Holly Jackson


“My only regret in working with you is that I didn’t start sooner. Marcia, you are an Angel! In only our first two strategy sessions with you, you were able to immediately see things about the way we run our business and lead our staff that were hidden in our ‘blind spots’! You made two simple but powerful recommendations I am able to immediately implement and benefit from. My business is growing so fast, I need someone with your level of ‘real world’ expertise to quickly guide me through this next level of team building to best support our growth.

My only regret in working with you is that I didn’t start sooner!  The hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars I’ve wasted in hiring and training the wrong people for my business is something I can never get back. At least now, I have the inner confidence I won’t be making those mistakes again with you as my advisor.  I have NEVER been more excited about building my business and fulfilling my dreams!”

Joe Criso, owner, The Birth Boutique, Denville, NJ


“Marcia, you rock. This was so great! I need to digest all this great info. A truly excellent presentation. Thank you, Marcia. I loved how you clarified things.”

Sara Chapman, Art Squad Graphics, Seattle, WA


“It is refreshing to find a business advisor who actually has a solid business track record behind them. It is refreshing to find a business advisor for integrating the internet into your overall business plan, who actually has a solid business track record behind them.  No pat prescriptions and no regurgitation of what popular IM ‘gurus’ are spouting. Focus is where it should be — fitting your business around who you are and filling the potholes that are robbing you and your vision of momentum.”

Dawn Ramari


“Thanks to Marcia’s brilliant guidance I am now able to identify the behaviour that has been limiting my success as well as the opportunities that have been sitting there all along. As a business owner herself for over 25 years, Marcia truly ‘got’ where I was coming from in our coaching session. In just 45 minutes she was able to offer specific and valuable insight to help me gain some clarity for the direction I should be taking my business in.

Thanks to Marcia’s brilliant guidance I am now able to identify the behaviour that has been limiting my success as well as the opportunities that have been sitting there all along.  I particularly liked that she was straight up – telling me that I need to work on clarifying my vision for my business in a way that allows me to keep my fingers in what I love about my craft without continuing to be my entire workforce! I truly hope to have the opportunity to work with Marcia again.”

Leanne Fournier, DezignSource Creative Communications, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA


“Your talk yesterday encouraged me to embrace my difference, to not only feel ok about it, but to celebrate it. I am sure there are other kindred spirits there, waiting for someone to say ‘out loud’ what they have in their hearts.

I so appreciate your extemporaneous style of presenting — it gives me courage. Your style also gives me something NEW each time I have listened to you talk about these same 7 Pillars, and I’m sure when I listen to the rest of the sessions, I will continue to hear more. You are an inspiration.”

Elena Sunland


“Your comments helped me define my vision, not just for my business next year, but for my life. Before we talked, I knew I was working round the clock. I was happy to work, I felt ‘in the zone’ – but I also felt invisible and scattered, on a personal level. As we talked, your comments helped me define my vision, not just for my business next year, but for my life. I find myself with a much clearer picture of what I now have to do immediately – as well as how to do it, in order to get there. 

And it also helped me identify a very deep source of fear that I’d been blocking. Your insights were so specific to my situation, your business sense so focused and shrewd, that new revelations – ‘Aha!’ moments – kept bursting into my consciousness as you were speaking – revelations I plan to take concrete action on immediately.

I am excited about the clarity of this vision, and I profoundly appreciate the way you targeted in on the ‘Catch 22’ situation that had been keeping me from attaining my goals, showing me the way to not only finally step out of it, but make the ‘darned-if-you-do, darned-if-you-don’t’ potential pitfall I’d been so afraid of actually work to my advantage. Thank you so much.”

Marya Miller, Sales Copywriting, Ontario, CA


“You really did a great job today with your presentation at the Grow Your Business Workshop. You could hear how many people approached you afterward and thanked you. I’ve attended these workshops before and this was the first time I saw people do that.

I really liked how you make the session into an interactive workshop. Plus, you handled questions so gracefully. That is the TRUE mark of a great presenter. You involved us, and you never made us wish you didn’t.

You seem to be an amazing and conscientious person with a passion to help that business person who is trying to bump his or her way through things.

Thank you for taking time to share your ideas and tips with us.”

Chris Wechner, The Ultimate Analyst, Detroit, MI