Stick to Communication Basics

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There’s something I call the Communication Power Triangle, and you’ll find it with every single company that “works” – whether it’s Starbucks or Apple or the corner deli or the favorite coach you like to work with. Every business that gets through to you with their messages enough that you sit up and take notice, whether you actually purchase from them or not, communicates their value to you with three powerful elements – the three corners of the Communication Power Triangle.

Corner #1: They have a message based on their values. No matter how big or how small they are, they tell you something about themselves — who they are, something they believe in — something personal, something you can see as having a relation to your life. It’s not all about their products and services.

Corner #2: They communicate their value to you consistently. What they tell you is strong and steady and it doesn’t change much. They know what value they bring and they’re consistent in their communication of it.

Corner #3: They communicate to you frequently – you see their message often, in many different ways. They make sure they’re in touch.

Easy peasy, right? If only we could remember — most of being successful is about sticking to basics like these.

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