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“4 Steps to Reducing Entrepreneurial Overwhelm” with Sterling Valentine of Debossified. Click to listen.

“How Diving into Entrepreneurship Can Trump a Perfect Exit Plan” with Sterling Valentine of Debossified. Click to listen.

“Rapid Fire Q&A” with Sterling Valentine of Debossified. Click to listen.

“My Bad Boss Story” with Sterling Valentine of Debossified. Click to listen.




For HOW Magazine and Conference

HOW Design Live Speaker, 2014, Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding

HDL Stage 2



HOW Branding Series 2013 – 2015

  1. Common Mistakes Designers Make with Branding 
  2. How to Position Yourself as a Branding Expert
  3. How to Make $20k to $50k on Your Next Branding Project
  4. How to Talk About Branding
  5. Sell Without Selling: Confidence Building for the Business of Design

HOW Creative Freelancer Conference Speaker, 2012, Skillful Communication with Clients

HOW DesignCast Series: Strengthen Your Business Bootcamp Webinar Series 2011

  1. Build a Rock Solid Vision
  2. Cultivate Steady Confidence
  3. Communicate Your Difference
  4. Commit to Being Visible
  5. Be Effectively Productive
  6. Get the Right Support
  7. Understand Your Money

HOW Conference Speaker, 2010, Be a Better Manager

Graphic Artist Guild Webinars

How to Get Great Referrals

Skillful Communication with Clients

Making Business Easy: Business Advice for Independent Designers

My Own Webinars and Teleseminars

8 Surefire Steps to Gain Momentum and Get Your Business Unstuck when You Have ADHD  View webinar

How to Find Your Mojo  View webinar

How to Get Great Referrals  Purchase audio program

Stop Selling Your Time and Start Selling Your Brain

How to Frame Client Relationships So They’ll Want to Hand You the Reins

How to Build a 360 Degree Support Network

Make Business Easy and Unscary  Download MP3

Business Brain 101   Download MP3

Strategic Branding with Ed Roach through Brand Academy

Brand Academy Certification Workshop

And many more

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“You really did a great job today with your presentation at the Grow Your Business Workshop. You could hear how many people approached you afterward and thanked you. I’ve attended these workshops before and this was the first time I saw people do that.

I really liked how you made the session into an interactive workshop. Plus, you handled questions so gracefully. That is the TRUE mark of a great presenter. You involved us, and you never made us wish you didn’t.

You seem to be an amazing and conscientious person with a passion to help that business person who is trying to bump his or her way through things.”

—Chris Wechner, www.TheUltimateAnalyst.com, Detroit, MI

“Loved this (HOW business webinar) series. I was so excited after the first class, and my thinking has shifted somewhat. I feel empowered in a way that I had not been before. It came just at the right time.”

—Scott Souchock, G.Scott Designworks, Seattle, WA

“Marcia, you rock. This was so great! I need to digest all this great info – a truly excellent presentation. I loved how you clarified things.”

—Sara Chapman, Art Squad Graphics, Seattle, WA

“I saw you present at HOW which left quite an impact on me. Your presentation resonated with me the most out of the entire conference.”


“I have seen all of your webinars through HOW and think you are brilliant. I want to attend your workshop, but since I am just graduating this month, don’t think I can swing it by then. However, if there is an additional date that I can start saving and planning for that would be awesome. Thank you!”