Step-by-Step Business Blueprint Book

My personal business strategies, written down and shared just for you.

By sheer persistence in my own business, I found what I was good at and developed systems for the things I struggled with—all the time, working around my awful memory problems, my challenges with organization and follow through, and my penchant for chasing every idea down the rabbit hole.

Without really knowing it, I had found ways to work with my ADHD instead of against it. And I’ve been teaching my systems over the years since to private coaching clients.

And now, with the Step-by-Step Business Blueprint, you can get all of my strategies together, in one place.

I consider the Business Blueprint to be a living, breathing thing, a tutorial I’ll be working with for years to come. I’ve filled it with my best, most successful personal strategies. I’ve held nothing back. It’s filled with exercises and worksheets I’ve only, before now, shared with private coaching clients. And now you!

Here’s what one recent reader said after receiving her copy:

“Marcia, I promise I won’t write you every step of the way…but I opened the PDF and am mesmerized! I am reading it through..Can’t take my eyes away… You are a  generous, empathic, genius! I may have to have a call with you sooner than I thought! Awesome Awesome Awesome…..”  —Barbara

What’s in the Business Blueprint?

A.) The Business Blueprint is an eBook of my best 39 Success Strategies—covering mindset, marketing, productivity, getting help, and your money—the ones I used in my successful 25-year business, and the ones I teach to my private coaching clients, that you can follow step-by-step to build and keep your business strong. Order now and get it delivered in your inbox as a PDF download.

B.) 92 pages plus 34 detailed, fill-in-the-blank worksheets to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to work your way through the strategies

C.) places to write and keep track of your work

D.) encouragement and inspiration to keep you putting one foot in front of the other

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Business Blueprint Chunks Recorded Classes

Short, bite-sized classes based on my comprehensive Step-by-Step Business Blueprint. Want to do the 39-Strategies of the Business Blueprint, but think it might be daunting? Join me for these bite-sized chunks, where we walk through the individual strategies of the Blueprint together, virtually, one by one—perfect if you’re an ADHD business owner, or just think you might have ADHD tendencies.

With each class you’ll walk away with one simple but powerful takeaway, a strategy you can immediately incorporate into your business. And since they’re pre-recorded, you can watch them at your own pace, as fast or as slow as you like.

“I am a psychiatrist with ADHD, running a private practice. Managing the administrative details of the practice has been much more challenging than I anticipated, and I have found my ADHD symptoms more disabling as a business owner than they ever were when I was employed, even when I was in complex and challenging jobs. Your online resources have been really helpful for making sense of this discrepancy, and to make incremental changes to handle things better. The Business Blueprint Chunks classes are just the right size. I also don’t need to worry about trying to reinvent everything all at once—I can relax, knowing that there is a method. The single notebook technique and the time blocking class have been especially helpful.” —Jane

Do one class, all 34, or mix and match the ones that interest you for specific strategies.

Each Business Blueprint Chunk is an individual 30-minute pre-recorded video class
$17 each or get the package of 34 classes for $427

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