Not Everyone is Telling the Truth, and People I Trust for Coaching and Consulting

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Every time I open my email, go to Facebook, or check out Twitter, someone is telling me I can “make 6 figures” or “get all the clients I need.”

You know what I’m talking about. And while a lot of it is really well written (and I love to read good copywriting that pulls me in), so often, there’s very little depth behind it.

Some of it is just common sense stuff, or fluff. (There is no “I” in “team.”) Some of it is airy-fairy feel-good stuff. (You must believe in your inner goddess.) Some of it is dished out by kids who just learned it yesterday from someone else.

And some of it is downright dishonest and manipulative.

I’m pretty much a fan of good solid business advice

I know there are no silver bullets. No magic beans. Running a business takes time, commitment, and work. That’s how we’re going to make 6 figures and get all the clients we need.

And, yes, there are some people, many people in fact, you can learn from who can get you where you want to go faster than you could go by yourself (and keep reading, I’m going to give you some names). I believe in hiring coaches, or I wouldn’t be one, and I wouldn’t have hired them for myself. I just want to point out that not everything you hear out there is right. And not everyone is telling the truth.

They call it “marketing.”

I still think marketing should be about getting people what they want and need, not what someone else wants to sell them.

Here are some people I trust for coaching and consulting

So I’ve been thinking. Maybe you’d like to know who I think will give you the real deal, in terms of coaching and consulting advice – people who’ve actually walked the walk, and have deep experience in the area they’re coaching or consulting in. Here are a few of my favorites (and no, while I have been in the past and may be an affiliate for some of these people in the future, none of the following links are affiliate links. They’re just my recommendations.):

Tambra Harck, Tambra

A conversation with Tambra is like an immersion in whatever, for you, feels the most safe, protected, and comforted. She has an unusual ability to recognize you, even if you’ve lost yourself. If you feel invisible, adrift, or damaged, or need to find your voice, this is one real person who knows how to gently lead you “home.”

Ileana Kane, Ileana International

Ileana has unique and true intuition, which she uses in her work. Combine this with her years of marketing experience, and you’ve got something powerful. Even after knowing Ileana for several years, she can still stop me in my tracks with my own “stuff,” helping me shift it out of the way so I can move on. (And isn’t it our “stuff” that holds us back most of the time, anyway?) Ileana doesn’t settle, for herself or for her clients, which is inspiring.

Atim Kavi, Money Courage

I haven’t known Atim for very long, but the conversations we’ve had have led me to believe that this woman has walked the walk. Unlike many money coaches who don’t really have experience with money, Atim has a long career of managing money for multi-million dollar corporations and Fortune 500 companies. We see eye-to-eye on business principles, too. I’m very impressed with her knowledge and savvy, and feel great recommending her.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Red Hot Copy

For as popular and well-known as Lorrie is, you would think it might have gone to her head, or that she’d cut corners in her work like so many “gurus” do. Not Lorrie. I’ve been in groups with Lorrie and I’ve worked personally with her, and I love that she not only knows the stuff she teaches, but she stays true to it – and to herself. Like so many other people do, I trust Lorrie. Her copywriting courses are first rate.

Michele Price, Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio

I really don’t think I know anyone who works as hard as Michele does to talk to, promote, connect, and empower small businesses. If you know her on the surface, you know she’s a fast-moving powerhouse, and you might be fooled into thinking she doesn’t go deep . . . but you’d be wrong. In the long conversations I’ve had with Michele, her quick thinking was all about me: how she could help me, what she could learn about me, how she could promote me. If you have a chance to work with her, do it.

Connie Ragen Green, Build Your Online Business

I don’t know Connie personally but I’m so impressed with the way she runs her business, and I’ve learned a lot from her teleclasses and courses. She’s very up front, clear, focused, and no-nonsense about her teaching, which I appreciate. If you work with Connie, you will learn what she promises (if you do the work), because she makes it so easy, and makes herself accessible. You only need to look at her own very successful career to know her stuff works.

Ed Roach, The Branding Experts

I’ve known Ed for many years and I’ve got to tell you, they don’t come more real than this guy. No marketing BS, just level headed branding advice and creative strategic thinking that comes from years in the trenches. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to Ed myself, when I need to get out of a mind block – this guy can think on his feet. His solutions are smart. And, he’s honest as the day is long.

I’m sure I’m missing some wonderful people I need to recommend to you, but I’ll have to catch them at another time. These are the coaches/consultants with deep experience I’m thinking of most right now, so I hope you’ll check them out — and tell them I said hello.

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