My Pink Ladies Post: Marcia’s Power Tools for Business Building

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Melanie Kissell started this. She wrote a post about her favorite tools, the ones she uses to market her business, and a lot of us really liked that post. From that came her idea for the Pink Ladies of Online Marketing, where those who commented and were lurking around from Connie Ragen Green’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge would do the same, listing some of their favorite tools.

So these are some of mine — nothing fancy here, just some good old standbys plus a boost for my day*:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Fascinating, and every time I use it I learn something new. I keep working at this and one day I’ll get it right. Connie has a great video on how to use it.

Google Analytics A must for tracking web statistics. I keep thinking if I check my stats more often, they’re bound to go up. Maybe a different tactic is in order?

InstantTeleseminar Love this service for broadcasting teleseminars. Participants like the fact that they can listen to the webcast as well as via telephone. Lots of ways to personalize, update, and share recordings. I have a shortcut to this page because I’m here so often. Dictionary and thesaurus from the same form, and I need ‘em. I’m a grammar and spelling weirdo. Love this link shortener because it tracks and graphs my clicks.

AudioAcrobat For recording client coaching sessions and teleclasses. Couldn’t live without it.

Skype Love love love this for intercontinental communications — and it’s free. Also great for seeing what my grandkidlets are up to.

Google Alerts I’ve got one set on my name and my business name, so I can see when the search engines index my blog posts, when someone publishes one of my articles online, or when someone’s talking about me.

*Everyday Manifestations Fabulous way to start my day. Short (5 minutes or less) guided meditations with the business person in mind, delivered daily via email, by Bonnie Hutchinson.

Maybe there are more, but that’s all I can drum up for tonight.

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