“How Can I Land More Proposals?”

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“Hi Marcia,
I have several opportunities I am working on, including two that are pretty significant. I’m finding that potential clients start out excited about initiatives that they call me about and we talk through. However, after I make what I believe is a reasonably priced / a lot of “bang for your buck” proposal based on our conversation(s), they lose their enthusiasm and either believe they can just do it themselves (which they either don’t do or do half-a__ed) or say “now is not the right time.” Are you hearing the same thing with the small companies you work with? Have you heard what works best, considering this?”
— Stuart


Hi Stuart,
Your challenge is not all that unusual, and here’s what I think it mostly stems from: not attracting the exact right clients for you, to begin with.

It’s frustrating when you have to educate and explain the reason why clients need you – and maddening if they think they can do it themselves. You feel like you’re wasting your time and, in some cases, actually teaching them how they can do without you. Right?

Attract clients who already know they need an expert like you

How much better it is to find clients who already know they need help, know why they need help, and are looking for someone to supply that help. Clients who have no interest in doing it themselves, either because they’re too busy, or because they know they need an expert – like you – to do it right. For them, there’s great value in having someone like you to help! Then it just becomes a matter of being the right person or company in front of them, and connecting with them.

If you continue to find yourself presenting to prospects who don’t understand the value of hiring you, what I usually recommend is a close look at the clients you’re going after or attracting, and making sure they’re the ideal client for you. I firmly believe that for everyone offering a service, there are many customers out there searching for exactly that service — you just have to help them find you.

How are you attracting clients?

What are you doing to target that ideal client? Do you know exactly who your ideal client is? How are you helping them to find you and recognize that you’re the right person to work with?

So, yes, I do hear your challenge from other companies, and what I think works best is working on your own marketing and attraction strategies (and being ultra clear about what you do) to draw the best clients, for you, to you.

Hope that helps, Stuart.

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