“Kicking Fear to the Curb” . . . Darlene Cary Interviews Me on Her Site

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Had a fun interview last month with the vivacious Darlene Cary of Her Next Step. Darlene helps women create businesses that work with their lives, one step at a time, based on the tough lessons learned from years in the corporate world.

Darlene and I met on Twitter (you meet the nicest people on Twitter!) after she read my Copyblogger article on fear.

Here’s what Darlene posted on her site:

“Fear can (and will) stop you from moving forward.  Stop you from realizing the dream of serving yourself and others with your service business.

After 20+ years of running a small business, business coach Marcia Hoeck discovered several methods of facing her paralyzing fears.  She now shares her methods with small business owners facing the same fears . . . ”  continue reading

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