How to Have an Indestructible Business

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You’re probably very good at what you do. In fact, that’s why you started your business — because you can do something amazingly well, you have a passion for it, and it really helps people. So far so good.

But every once in awhile, when you’re not doing what you love to do so much — that stuff that makes your heart sing and your pulse quicken when you see the light bulbs going on for your clients — your mind goes to that dark place. The place you don’t like to go to. The place that says you may not really know what you’re doing, when it comes to running your business.

It’s starting to keep you awake at night with questions like:

  • am I charging the right amount of money for my services?
  • why can’t I be more productive?
  • how will I ever find someone to help me when I need a clone of me and I can’t pay them much?
  • am I a good leader?
  • if I have a team, why does all this work end up on my desk?
  • why can’t I explain what I do in a way that makes more clients want to work with me?
  • why do certain things about running the business make me feel so stuck and unsure of myself?
  • am I actually making a profit in this business? will I even be around this time next year?

I know these questions, because I used to ask them, too. And that’s how my “Indestructible Business” strategy came about — I built it around my own company, as well as what you’ve told me you’re wrestling with.

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When I was first starting my business over 25 years ago, I put my head down, worked hard, and tried not to think about these questions.

But I soon realized that:

Just being good at my craft wouldn’t keep me in business.
Yes, I could keep my clients happy. But I wasn’t always sure I could pay my bills. And I had no idea what would happen next year, next month, or even next week.

Having a solid business base would allow me to focus my attention on other things, like my clients and growing the business.
Once I started to master the business building pillars of an Indestructible Business, I had more time to do the things I should be doing in my business to serve my clients and grow the business, instead of fussing over all the things I didn’t know how to do and worried weren’t getting done.

Putting these foundations in place reduced my stress, bolstered my confidence, and increased my profits.
It’s amazing how much more confidence you can have when you know the mechanics of your business are there to support you. And confidence is a powerful client attraction tool.

You can go broke being successful.
Even though I had plenty of clients and lots of work coming in during those early years, spreading myself too thin and not paying attention to the fundamentals really took a toll on my ability to serve my clients and grow my business, too. If you’re there now, you know what I mean.

There are seven elements you need to master to build an Indestructible Business:

  1. Knowing where you want your business to take you
  2. Monitoring your thinking, mindset, and emotions
  3. Determining your true value
  4. Getting your marketing and messaging right
  5. Spending your time correctly
  6. Getting the right support
  7. Knowing what numbers are right for you

If implemented properly, these elements will truly build an Indestructible Business, supporting you from the ground up, silencing the nagging questions, allowing you to sleep at night, and giving you the structure and confidence you need to move your business forward in the most powerful way.

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