I Only Do This Once a Year

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iStock_000014481007XSmallYesterday was Thanksgiving in the US, and I’m spending the holiday weekend with my son and his family. Right now I’m sitting in front of a warm fire, watching cartoons with my grandkids. If you celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, I hope you’re having a warm and wonderful holiday.

And, in honor of the Black Friday shopping craziness, I’m happy to announce my Holiday Coaching Spree!

This is the only time of year that I devote myself so thoroughly to getting into the trenches with my clients by doing no- and low-cost coaching.

Check out my  Holiday Coaching Spree here.

I only do this once a year.

For the past 4 years, during the month of December, I’ve opened up my time to give fr,ee Instant Insight Coaching sessions to people on my list — as many as I could fit in.

Three years ago, I added low-cost Holiday Coaching to up to 8 people, as my holiday gift to you. This special 4-session package is only offered at this time of year, and only for a limited time.

And at a ridiculously low investment.

Last year, I added a 50% discount on my full-day VIP Intensives — that means you save half when you register for a private, full-day VIP Intensive. But only for a limited time.

(Pssst. These great deals would be a wonderful gift — for you! Let someone you care about know you’d like one of them.)

The Coaching Spree lasts until December 6.

Here’s the fun part: Purchase your Holiday Coaching or VIP Intensive  before December 6, 2013, and use the sessions any time between now and the end of February 2014!

You’ll have to hurry, though, because there are limited spots. And the Holiday Spree pricing ends December 6.

Check out the Holiday Coaching Spree here.

Wishing you only the best ideas and the best deals this holiday season,


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