How I Stopped Being a Perfectionist

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This post is dedicated to Melanie. It was inspired by a post on her Solo Mompreneur blog. Actually, it’s basically my comment to her post about perfectionism. Because I, too, used to be a perfectionist.

And this is a true story.

Notice I say I used to be a perfectionist — I’m not anymore. But I was. I mean, like, my name was on the door, right? I had to do everything. And then I got really busy and grew really fast and I had to hire people. So what did I do then? After they went home at night, I stayed and redid all the work on their desks.

Yes, I did.

They’d come in in the morning to notes all over their work — could you imagine? But I didn’t think they could do it as well as I could.

Then we kept getting busier still and finally things started slipping thru the cracks and I started missing things. I couldn’t redo everything — and some stuff got out to clients before I could redo it. And guess what? The clients loved it! I couldn’t believe that my clients loved stuff that *I* didn’t do!

It stopped me dead in my tracks. Suddenly I could let other people help and the clients liked it just as much as when I did it — sometimes better. I started making more money because more of us could work on things. I didn’t have to put in as many hours or stress out half as much. It started feeling really good!

And that’s how I stopped being a perfectionist.

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