Why Kevin Nations Wears Fancy Shoes, or How Even Big Names Sometimes Lack Confidence

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If you’re thinking it might be really easy to be one of the “gurus” out there — because once you make the big money and everyone knows who you are, all your worries are gone — think again. Gurus are people too, though it isn’t often one of the big names will get down and tell you about the things that still scare them. Most of them are too afraid to show their underbellies to you.

That’s why I was so impressed with this post by big time internet marketer Kevin Nations. By all appearances, Kevin makes the big money. He can pack a big ticket event. He has million dollar launches. He hangs around with, and is recommended by, other big name internet marketers.

So when I read what he goes through, all the time, to make it look like he’s not frightened to death of talking to people he doesn’t know, I just had to tell you about it.

Read Kevin’s post, “I’m coming out in a big way . . .”

You’ll learn you’re not the only one with fears and insecurities. Big names have them, too.

And don’t miss Kevin’s tip about using fancy shoes as conversation starters!

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