How to Get Your Business Unstuck for 2015

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Ah, the holiday lull. That time in your business when it seems like either your clients are crazy, brain dead, or both. You can’t get them to focus much because they’re busy wrapping up their year end, and they may be dumping a lot on you—or ignoring you altogether.

If they’re dumping work on you, that’s good for business, sure, but that doesn’t mean the clients themselves are very helpful. They don’t have time for planning or strategy because their business is crazy this time of year, and so are their lives. Everyone has end-of-year challenges and holiday stress.

If your clients have gone silent now, that’s a different problem. Maybe it’s not their year end, maybe they’re just holiday-ing. Or maybe they’re so stressed they just can’t get things off of their plates and onto yours. They could be stuck and stressed just like the rest of us. Or they could be closing down for weeks at a time because of the holidays, and you just can’t get ahold of them. Grrr.

This is a great time to take advantage of your clients’ lack of communication, and work on your own business. Just because your clients are crazy and brain dead doesn’t mean you have to be.

It’s time for my Holiday Coaching Spree!

Every year for the past five years, I’ve offered special Holiday packages on my coaching. This is the only time of year that I devote myself so thoroughly to getting into the trenches with you by doing no- and low-cost coaching.

Check out my Holiday Coaching Spree here.

I only do this once a year

During the month of December, I open up my time to do these three things:

1. Free Instant Insight Coaching sessions to people on my list—as many as I can fit in.

2. Low-cost Holiday Coaching to up to 8 people, as my holiday gift to you. This special 4-session package is only offered at this time of year, and only for a limited time, and there are only 8 spots available—at a ridiculously low investment.

3. A 50% discount on my full-day, in-person VIP Intensives—that means you save half when you register for a private, full-day VIP Intensive. But only for a limited time, and only to 6 people. (Pssst. These great deals would be a wonderful gift—for you! Let someone you care about know you’d like one of them.)

The Holiday Coaching Spree lasts until December 8

Here’s the fun part: Purchase your Holiday Coaching or VIP Intensive  before December 8, 2014, and use the sessions any time between now and the end of February 2015! You’ll have to hurry, though, because there are limited spots. And the Holiday Spree pricing ends December 8.

Check out the Holiday Coaching Spree here.

This is the best time to get unstuck and get momentum going in your business for 2015. Let’s put our heads together, okay?

Wishing you only the best ideas and the best deals this holiday season,


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