Five Actions to Take to Make Sure You’re Ready for Coaching

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Not long ago, one of my readers asked me what she could do or think about on her own to determine if she was ready for coaching. She wasn’t sure she was even ready for one of my complimentary Instant Insight sessions, and hoped that I could give her some offline guidance—in fact, she even suggested that something like a “five actions to take to make sure you’re ready for coaching” checklist would be really helpful for many of my readers.

I took Marya’s suggestion (thank you, Marya!). Even if you’re not interested in coaching with me, this checklist will help you get ready for whichever coach you choose.

1.  Make a list of what’s really bugging you

Keep writing until you have at least five or six things on your list. Do most of the big things center around your business, or do they center around your personal life? If most of your concerns center around your business—overwhelm, feeling stuck, organization, managing your time, prioritization, setting up systems and processes, business confidence, your team, differentiation, planning and follow through, business direction, etc.—coaching with me may help. If your issues are around your personal life—self care, relationships, conflicts, and general well-being—a personal coach may be a better choice for you.

2.  Think about your main challenge from the list above

What is it? Why is it a challenge for you? Can you put it into words? Being able to put this into words means you are ready to talk about it with a coach. Not being able to identify your main challenge and talk about why it stands in your way means you may not be ready for coaching just yet.

3. Think about what you want instead of what you have now

Do you know what you want from your business, and where you want it to go? Just thinking you need help is not enough. A coach does not “fix” you or design your business for you, a coach “coaches” you along your own path. In order to do this, your coach needs to know your vision so she can help you get there. If you don’t know where you want to go with your business (or at least have an idea), you may not be ready for coaching just yet.

4.  Analyze your time

Are you willing and able to invest time in working on your business? Coaching is not one-sided, with your coach giving you advice. Coaching requires work on your part to follow through with commitments you will make to yourself and to your business. If your schedule is very busy and you don’t have time to put into both coaching sessions and implementation (working on your business, in beneficial ways that you decide) between sessions, you may not be ready for coaching just yet.

5.  Analyze your budget

Do you have funds to invest in your business? Are you willing and able to invest the funds required? Coaching is an investment in your future, and not a “get rich quick” fix. The investment you make in your business will pay off over time with your commitment, attention, and consistent effort, and it is definitely worth the time and money you put into it. However, if the investment in terms of money is a strain for you at this time and you feel intense pressure to recoup your investment immediately, you are not ready for coaching just yet.

Taking these five actions now will help you decide if you are ready to consider coaching. If you feel you are ready and are excited by the prospect, you may be interested in my special Holiday Coaching offers, going on now through December 18.

You can also sign up for one of my no-obligation, complimentary Instant Insight sessions and we’ll decide together if working together on your business is a good fit. I look forward to hearing from you!

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