Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to have an ADHD diagnosis to work with you?
No. If you know you have ADHD or just think you have ADHD tendencies, I can help. My programs are business programs, not ADD programs, so whether you actually have ADHD or not doesn’t really matter. I teach the systems and strategies I developed for my own business before I even knew I had ADHD, so they work for any business—they just happen to work extra well for business owners with ADHD. In fact, I started my coaching business with non-ADD business owners, and I still continue to coach business owners without ADHD, as well.

That said, if you have ADHD, or think you have ADHD, my systems and approach work very well. I understand how your ADHD affects your business and can help you work on your strengths, while identifying and minimizing your weaknesses.

Q. What do your programs cost?
I have programs at every level of the spectrum. The best way to find out about the value of private coaching is to register for one of my Instant Insight Sessions.

Q. How does the private coaching work?
I do all of my private coaching virtually via telephone and Skype. The only exception is for the VIP Intensives, which are done in person. Even if you and I live close enough to meet in person, we may not ever meet—and if we do, we won’t do our coaching in person. I find virtual coaching to be the best way to eliminate distractions—for me and for you! When the only thing to concentrate on is a voice, it is much easier to focus.

For the larger programs, you will fill out an application and answer some questions prior to our coaching, which allows me to plan and get to know you before we begin. Any homework between sessions is mutually agreed on and will be work you want to do. I do not assign homework that is beyond your ability or that interferes with the running of your business. Check here for more about coaching programs.

Q. I thought you also did coaching for graphic designers. Don’t you do that anymore?
Yes, I do. I teach strategic branding to graphic designers with my colleague, Ed Roach, through our Brand.Academy. Check out our workshops if you’re a designer interested in making more money with branding.

I developed my systems for my own graphic design and marketing communications firm, so many designers resonate with the 25 years I spent in the trenches, and I’ve been coaching non-ADHD designers for years. If you’re a graphic designer interested in coaching, especially if you have ADHD or think you have ADHD tendencies, let’s talk!

Q. I’m interested in private coaching. How can I get started?
You can get started by registering for an Instant Insight session. You’ll choose a date and time that work for you. We’ll talk, and if it makes sense to move forward, we can start soon!

Q. I don’t know if I’m ready for private coaching yet.
If you don’t feel you’re ready for coaching, please take advantage of my digital products and resources.

You can also email me with questions at marcia (at) hoeck (dot) net.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” —Albert Einstein