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Eat that Elephant:

How to Gain More Control Over Your Business in Small, Bite-Sized Chunks


Join me for a live, no-cost webinar where I'll be walking you through the four main areas that will help you get more control over your business so you can start being more successful. I'll show you how you can conquer these four areas step-by-step, eating that elephant in bite-sized chunks.

  • Mindset: Make a powerful commitment to yourself and your business
  • Perspective: See how you can turn your "quirks" into strengths
  • Focus: Learn how to stay on track, because I'll be guiding you
  • Control: Gain more control over your business, week by week

Eat that Elephant: How to Gain More Control Over Your Business in Small, Bite-Sized Chunks

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In this webinar, we'll talk about how working on these areas in small chunks can help you:

  • be more productive
  • be more profitable
  • get more organized
  • be more accountable
  • get better at follow through
  • know the most important things to spend your time on
  • set and achieve goals
  • strengthen your confidence
  • get better with being consistent
  • track and block your time
  • turn your ideas into things you can actually work on
  • prioritize your workload
  • develop and document simple systems
  • get control of your finances

and how you can do all this in small, easily managed, weekly chunks, so you don't get overwhelmed, burn out, or want to quit.

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San Diego, CA

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