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_96H4346 twitcrop5Get new insight into your business with a no-cost, no-obligation, no-pressure introductory private coaching session. During this totally confidential, casual session, you’ll get a chance to check me out, and I’ll ask questions to see if I can help. Click here to find out if a complimentary Instant Insight session is a good fit for you. 


Business Blueprint Chunks

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.02.51 PMShort, bite-sized classes based on my comprehensive Step-by-Step Business Blueprint. Want to do the 39-Strategies of the Business Blueprint, but think it might be daunting? Join me for these bite-sized chunks, where we walk through the individual strategies of the Blueprint together, virtually, one by one—perfect if you’re an ADHD business owner, or just think you might have ADHD tendencies. With each class you’ll walk away with one simple but powerful takeaway, a strategy you can immediately incorporate into your business.

Do one class, all 34 or pick up the ones that interest you for specific strategies.

30-minute classes
$17 each or get the package of 34 classes for $427
Recorded video webinars

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Register for the complimentary introductory webinar (which includes the first two strategies), “Eat that Elephant: How to Gain More Control Over Your Business in Small, Bite-Sized Chunks.”



• staying on track, so you’re not chasing every idea down every rabbit hole

• prioritizing your workload, so you know what to work on, even though everything on your plate is important

• maintaining focus, so you can follow through and accomplish your goals

• managing your time and your calendar, so your days and weeks don’t spin out of control

• getting unstuck, so you can move forward and maintain momentum

• being consistently productive, so you can actually cross things off of your list

• developing your message, and confidently talking about what makes your business different than the other guy’s

• developing systems to keep you from re-inventing the wheel and starting from scratch all the time

• setting boundaries, so work stays work and you get the kind of life you really want

• delegating, so you’re working on the right things and getting things you’re not good at off your plate

• maintaining your confidence, and staying strong in stressful situations

• and other ADDish things that drive you crazy in your business,

there’s a good chance I can help. My strategies work particularly well with business owners with ADHD, but you don’t have to have ADHD to work with me.

Private, one-on-one business coaching

What makes my coaching different?
There’s a difference between what I do and what an ADHD coach does. I am not an ADHD coach, and I am not a regular business coach, either. Many times, when people find me, they say,

“I worked with an ADHD coach, but she couldn’t help me with my business. And I worked with a business coach, but he didn’t understand my ADHD. That’s why I’m so glad I found you!”

I fill the gap between those two kinds of coaches. I am a business coach who understands the challenges of ADHD—I know how your ADHD affects you and your business—and I can help you work around it. We’ll work on your strengths while identifying your weaknesses. We’ll find ways for you to stay in your genius zone and get your areas of weakness off of your plate. We’ll shore up your confidence so you can do your best work.

Coaching programs offered

All of my private coaching programs are customized to you and your business. You choose your program based on your needs and the amount of time we’ll spend together.

UnBusiness Plan (Most popular)
A 3-month plan that begins with a 3-hour virtual workshop to set objectives for our work together. You’ll walk away from this 3-month program with your own clear UnBusiness Plan (momentum going, tools in hand, and objectives already met) and so much business confidence your friends and family won’t know what to do with you.

Brain PlugIn
A 6-month plan that begins with a full-day, in-person VIP Strategy Day to set the plan for the next six months. All the benefits of the UnBusiness Plan, plus, like a continuous I.V., with this program, you’ll always be hooked up. So don’t think twice about moving forward with that program, scheduling that appointment, or making that proposal—you’ll know just what to do, because you’ve got The Brain Plug-in, and continuous access to me.

“I was spending time on things that didn’t matter. Now I’m getting a sense of what’s realistic and measurable, and I like to see the improvement. I thought it would be more complicated and a lot of work but it’s a relief, it feels more confident and gives me a sense of control.” —Brooks White, NC Sturgeon, Midland, TX

Coaching Light
Freeform, unstructured coaching based on my popular Holiday Coaching, which is only offered in December. “Coaching Light,” offered year-round, offers you a way to have unstructured access to me where you call the shots.

Power Pack
Freeform, unstructured coaching with more sessions than Coaching Light, in case you want steady coaching without the structure of the UnBusiness Plan or the Brain Plug-In. Power Pack offers you a way to have unstructured access to me over more sessions, where you call the shots.

“Our first call was SO therapeutic and, your insights were right on track! When you said, ‘Your ideas are not commitments!’ it propelled me into a new way of thinking . . . like a shot of adrenaline and permission to dream again. It’s made such a difference to have both a Coach who gets the ADD brain—you understand ‘we’ don’t do business as usual—and there’s accountability that’s not overwhelming! —Leslie Stullken, My Healthy Table, Kansas City

Full-Day VIP Intensive
This program will work well if you like to dive right in and inhale as much as you can, as soon as you can. Customized to what you need to know.

and other programs to fit every need.

Complimentary Instant Insight Session
The best way to find out which of my programs is a good fit for you is to sign up for a no-pressure, no-obligation, totally complimentary Instant Insight session, on me. We’ll talk about your business and see if there are ways I can help. Sign up here.

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