Attention business owners with ADHD:

Q: What is the ONE THING that would help you the most when running your business?

A: In a survey of my newsletter readers, the vast majority answered "a step-by-step business blueprint for building and maintaining a successful business when you have ADHD."


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This is my story, too . . .

  • I used to wish I had the answers

    I have the same challenges you have, although for many years in my business, I didn’t know what to call it. I put my head down, worked hard, and tried not to think about how scared I was. But I couldn’t stop the thoughts that kept running through my head:

    “Why do certain things about running my business make me feel so stuck and unsure of myself?”

    “I’m good at my work—why can’t I have more confidence?”

    “Why can’t I be more productive?”

    “Why is following through with the details so hard?”

    “Why can’t I be more organized and keep track of things?”

    “Am I charging enough?”

    “I see other people doing really well and I’m just as good as (or let’s face it, can I say it? I’m better than!) they are, how come it’s not working for me?”


  • I knew there had to be a better way

    Slowly I began to realize that just being good at my craft wouldn’t keep me in business—I had to get better at running my business, too. Just knowing how to keep my clients happy wasn’t enough—I also needed structures, processes, and a big mindset shift to carry me through.

    I started thinking that (duh!) having a solid business base would allow me to focus my attention on the important things, the things I loved to do—like serving my clients better and growing the business.

    So I made having a solid business base Priority Number One. I worked hard at building structures and processes that would work for my unique and quirky brain. I wrote them down and followed them. And surprising things started happening.

    Putting these foundations in place bolstered my confidence and increased my profits.

    And gave me a huge feeling of relief.

    Soon, other people started asking me about my “secrets.”

  • Will this work for you, too?

    The Step-by-Step Business Blueprint is for you if:

    • You’ve been looking for a comprehensive business guide that goes further than blog posts, podcasts, and articles.
    • You’d like someone to show you not only what to do, but how to do it.
    • You want step-by-step instructions, exercises, and worksheets to strengthen your business, attract clients, be productive, and move forward faster in your business.
    • You like no-brainer explanations, where you don’t have to figure out the details.
    • You want to know the most effective business strategies for ADHDers, the ones I used to build my own business.
    • You want something you can keep coming back to over and over again, when you get off track or your business grows.
    • You want that feeling of confidence that comes with knowing you’re following a proven plan.


Check Out What People say about these strategies

"What a relief to know I don’t have to get a personality transplant to boost my visibility, attract more clients and hopefully be more successful. 

Here’s the thing: the steps you recommended are things I can actually do, with pleasure, not things I’ll suffer through or avoid because they feel so unnatural. And I can do them almost immediately. I’m grateful!”

Marjorie Preston Business Writer and Novelist

"I am a psychiatrist with ADHD, running a private practice. Managing the administrative details of the practice has been much more challenging than I anticipated, and I have found my ADHD symptoms more disabling as a business owner than they ever were when I was employed, even when I was in complex and challenging jobs. Your online resources have been really helpful for making sense of this discrepancy, and to make incremental changes to handle things better. I also don’t need to worry about trying to reinvent everything all at once—I can relax, knowing that there is a method. The single notebook technique and the time blocking have been especially helpful.”

Jane Psychiatrist

My personal strategies, written just for you

By sheer persistence in my own business, I found what I was good at and developed systems for the things I struggled with—all the time, working around my awful memory problems, my challenges with organization and follow through, and my penchant for chasing every idea down the rabbit hole.

Without really knowing it, I had found ways to work with my ADHD instead of against it. And I've been teaching my systems over the years since to private coaching clients.

And now, with the Step-by-Step Business Blueprint, you can get all of my strategies together, in one place.

I consider the Business Blueprint to be a living, breathing thing, a tutorial I'll be working with for years to come. I've filled it with my best, most successful personal strategies. I've held nothing back. It's filled with exercises and worksheets I've only, before now, shared with private coaching clients. And now you!

What's in the Business Blueprint?

A.) The Business Blueprint is an eBook of my best 39 Success Strategies—covering mindset, marketing, productivity, getting help, and your money—the ones I used in my successful 25-year business, and the ones I teach to my private coaching clients, that you can follow step-by-step to build and keep your business strong. Order now and get it delivered immediately in your inbox as a PDF.


B.) 92 pages plus 34 detailed, fill-in-the-blank worksheets to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to work your way through the strategies

C.) places to write and keep track of your work

D.) encouragement and inspiration to keep you putting one foot in front of the other

Limited time offer! I'm updating the Business Blueprint for 2017, so for a limited time, the current version is available for a special price

Clearance sale! While I’m updating the Step-by-Step Business Blueprint, you can get the current version (formerly $297) now for $97. The information in both versions is the same—I’m just editing, redesigning, clarifying a few issues, and possibly going a bit deeper in some sections with the newer version. Following my own advice of "getting your plane in the air," I wrote the Business Blueprint and got it out there for you, knowing that it wasn't absolutely perfect and that I would go back and update it when the time was right—and that time is now.

Rest assured, if you choose to go with the current version on clearance, know that many clients have benefited greatly from the clear step-by-step guidance.

You'll get the same 39 business building strategies, broken down into clear guided steps. You'll get the same easy worksheets, the same inspirational introduction and instructions on how to use the strategies, and the same feeling of relief and accomplishment that come with being productive and moving forward in your business.

I loved it! You had specifics—like what works, what doesn’t work, and what makes me money. It was a good investment to get me focused.” 

Cindy Dyer, Dyer Design

Learning new organizational skills has been really, really helpful and I know it will be beneficial going forward, to rely on and lean on. It just makes life a lot easier. Thank you, thank you!"

Destri, Los Angeles

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Limited Time Offer! Regularly $297, Buy Now for Only $97

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