Business Blueprint Chunks: for business owners with ADHD

How to turn your quirks into strengths, gain more control over your business, and be more profitable . . . in bite-sized chunks.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.02.51 PMLet me personally guide you through my simple, proven strategies to create success in your business—in short, easily digestible chunks—without anxiety or beating yourself up, even when you have ADHD.

  • Your belief in your abilities has been shaken to its core so often.
  • You’ve disappointed yourself and, you feel, so many other people who depend on you.
  • You’ve suffered through the embarrassment of missed appointments, late proposals, forgotten agendas, broken promises, angry clients, and confused employees.
  • You’ve wasted your time on color-coding your files and productivity apps and time management systems that don’t work for you and your ADHD brain.
  • Your faith in yourself to run your business effectively and profitably has been shattered, again and again.
  • Your tolerance for just one more quick fix is way down below zero.

You’re starting to wonder if they’re right, if you’re just not cracked up to be a business owner.

I mean, you’ve got all these great ideas, but if you can’t follow through and implement them, and get them to actually work . . . well, what’s the point?

I get it.

You’re a smart person, and anyone in your position would likely come to the same conclusion: for some reason, you have “quirks” that keep you from succeeding like you want to. If you don’t make a change, you’re destined to keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and stay stuck at this same place.

It’s easy to get frustrated.

So you fall back on your old coping strategies.

You go into hibernation.

You feel sorry for yourself a bit.

Or you throw yourself back into your work, even if it means repeating the same things that got you to where you are now.

You sit and stare at your computer screen.

You promise to do better but don’t really know how.

You come up with an elaborate, complicated system you’ll never be able to finish designing, let alone implement or stay consistent with.

You complain that the business isn’t making enough money.

You fill your time with things that don’t matter much.

Weeks go by. Months. Maybe even years.

And not much changes.

It doesn’t seem fair to have all these challenges when you know you’re not stupid, you have a great business, and you’ve got terrific ideas that could revolutionize your industry.

Your clients love you (when you get the work done), you do wonderful work, and no one works harder than you do.

It isn’t fair. But if you have ADHD and run a business, that’s just the way it is. I know this because I am a business owner with ADHD, like you are. And I found a way out that could help you, too.

I’m Marcia Hoeck, and I’ve been coaching business owners for over seven years, after having run my own successful marketing communications and branding firm with offices in three states for over 25 years. I started coaching because business owners started taking me out to lunch and picking my brain, asking me how I got my business to run so successfully for so long.

I started my business in 1984 because I had a skill and a passion for graphic design, and I just dove right in and did it. I didn’t realize I’d actually be running a business and all that goes along with that until I had some success, several employees, and too much work. Then I realized I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, and I made tons of mistakes—mistakes that cost me a lot of time, money, and anguish.

I didn’t know about my ADHD back then

But I knew I had “quirks.” I knew there were things I was really, really good at, and things I just couldn’t get the hang of. I knew I forgot things almost as quickly as I learned them. And things seemed harder for me, somehow. Out of desperation, I fiddled with my business and started to figure out workarounds for the things I just couldn’t do. Some workarounds were better than others. Because my business was growing fast, I had to keep tweaking my workarounds and trying things. I was a single mother and my livelihood depended on my being able to make the business work.


I was working seven days a week trying to juggle all the work I was bringing in (sure I was good, but I didn’t know I was also under-pricing—and that’s why I had too much work). Now I know it was my fear of letting go and my poor management skills that kept me at the office reworking everyone else’s projects, long after my employees had gone home. I was constantly stressed and worried my clients would find out I didn’t know what I was doing. And it seemed to take me twice as long to do things as I thought it should. My brain kept taking me off in so many different directions, and I didn’t have a structure for responding to clients, making proposals, or managing my staff.


I felt like a fraud a lot of the time. It seemed so bizarre to me—there I was, running a business, taking in and handling lots of work for important clients, and my own business was a mess. I was constantly in fear that the whole thing would fall apart. It gives me the heebie jeebies just remembering all this. So I kept working on my structure and my plan, piecing things together.



“The improvements are life changingI’m getting out to the job sites more now because my time is more organized. I’m getting more face time with customers and employees now, and I’m seeing an increase in profitability. It feels good—I’m pretty impressed by it. I’m smiling a lot more, I’m a lot happier. When we first started coaching a few weeks ago, I wasn’t in a good place, and I needed to make changes. Now I see things in a different light, and I have a whole new perspective on things. The improvements are life changing.” Michael Buck, Couple-O-Bucks General Contractor, San Diego, CA

By sheer persistence, I found what I was good at and developed systems for the rest—all the time, working around my awful memory problems, my challenges with focus, organization, and follow through, and my penchant for chasing every idea down the rabbit hole. Without really knowing it, I had found ways to work with my ADHD instead of against it. And I’ve been teaching my systems over the years since to private coaching clients.


• I’ll be personally guiding you through my best business strategies—specifically tailored for ADHD business owners—for 30 minutes each time

• You’ll learn how to work with your ADHD instead of against it

• Your business will pick up momentum as you implement in bite-sized chunks

• You’ll build confidence as you see results




Mindset: make a powerful commitment to yourself and your business, so you won’t let yourself down again

Control: gain more control over your business, class by class

Perspective: see how you can turn your “quirks” into strengths

Focus: learn how to stay on track, because I’ll be with you every step of the way


• be more productive, so you can get more done and make more money

• be more profitable by being more organized

• get more organized in ways that work for your ADHD brain

• be more accountable to yourself and to others, so you don’t miss deadlines and meetings

• work with accountability partners over time, in relationships that don’t fall apart

• get better at follow through and application so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste

• organize your business so you can make plans for the future, and work towards them

• know the most important things to spend your time on and stop spinning your wheels

• set and achieve goals without always changing your mind or forgetting what your goals are

• strengthen your confidence in real, practical, sustainable ways

• get better with being consistent so you can build trust

• define your niche so customers know better what to expect from you

• use talking points, a lifesaver in confusing or anxiety-prone situations

• set up a formal referral system to take the randomness out of getting referrals

• never lose your notes again (you know, the ones that are on the back of napkins and envelopes now?)

• track and block your time, essential for being productive

• turn your ideas into things you can actually work on—an easy way to corral all those ideas in your head so you can manage them

• prioritize your workload, essential if you want to get anything done

• develop and document simple systems—you have them, let’s get consistent with using them

• create and document your own signature system, key to attracting the right customers

• calculate the cost of doing business, essential to managing your profitability, knowing what to charge, and so many other money things

• track your money—where is the money in your business?

• track your customers, so you can focus on the ones who really want to do business with you and value you the most

• look at your finances without freaking out—it’s not icky, and can be very motivating!

and much more!

Someone asked me what’s the #1 thing I’ve gotten from working with Marcia . . . and there are so many wonderful things happening, I can’t really say what the best thing is. I guess maybe getting my biggest commission check in 11 months! I also have more confidence and more hope in myself and my business these days . . . and actual tools and steps to get where I want to go. What I need are actual steps and tools to put to work—actionable steps I guess you could say, and that’s exactly what I’m getting from Marcia.  Her Business Blueprint Chunks classes are so fantastic.” Janie McKeithan, Director, BeautiControl, San Diego, CA


Please scroll down for the entire class listing


Class 1: Never Lose Your Notes Again: the best (and simplest) method for ADHDers to stay organized.

Recording available now If you’re like most business owners, you’ve got a lot going on. And if you’re like most adults with ADHD, you write a lot of things down—so you can remember them, keep track of details, and be able to organize your information.

And then you spend way too much time looking for your notes, never to find them again. Because they’re on the back of envelopes, in this notebook or that notebook (but who knows which?), in your purse, on the floor, taped to the wall, under your car seat—you know the story. But they are not where you can find them when you need them.

My clients have told me their whole business gets organized because of this system, anxiety is reduced, deadlines are met, and their confidence is restored.

My One Notebook method so simple, you’ll be tempted to dismiss it as something too easy to actually work. It may bend your mind a bit as you argue with me about why it isn’t right. But if you actually try it, you will become a believer. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 1.

Class 2: The Power of Visualization: The two best ways to visualize success

Recording available now When I do beginning coaching calls and ask people about their vision for their companies, they often say, “That’s a good question.”

Without a vision, you can’t get anywhere in your business. It’s like sitting in your car and not turning it on and expecting to go somewhere. Yes, you have a nice vehicle—but where are you going? When you have a business, you have a wonderful vehicle that can take you places—but if you don’t set your sights, you won’t be using it to its full advantage. You’ll just keep spinning your wheels.

Writings your vision has incredible power in directing your thoughts and actions, so that 5, 10, 20 years from now, you won’t be doing the same things you’re doing now, and getting the same results.

These 2 strategies will help. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 2.

Class 3: Find Your Sweet Spot: How to know what you do best, so you can focus on it

Recording available now When you have ADHD, it’s difficult to get focused on things you’re not interested in. And, you can get totally lost in things you ARE interested in.

You may have heard all your life, “I know you can focus—If you can do THAT thing, why can’t you do THIS thing?”

Learning what your sweet spot is in business, so you can get focused on the right things to help you move towards success, is what this class is all about. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 3.

Class 4: Know your Responsibilities: What do you REALLY do in your business? And why are you so overwhelmed?

Recording available now There are always too many things to do when you run a business, and it’s easy to take on way too much, get overwhelmed, and then lose the joy that’s supposed to be there in the freedom of running your own business.

When you know your responsibilities, you will also be more aware that some things will have to fall by the wayside. Being aware helps you to see, and gives you more control, so you can make sure that the things that fall by the wayside are not the big important things. 

What we’re trying to do with this class and Class 3: Find Your Sweet Spot, is straighten out the boomerangs and zig zags so you’re not bouncing all over the place in your business—or better yet, are not so overwhelmed that you’re paralyzed and standing still, or ignoring critical aspects of your business. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 4.

Class 5: Time Tracking 1: How to track your time for profitability (it’s not that hard!)

Recording available now When someone asks me what they should be charging, how they can make more money, what they should be focusing on, who to hire next, when is the right time to hire, and a lot of other questions, I tell them to track their time.

This is Part 1 of one of my favorite strategies. Even if you already track your time, you may be missing critical components. If you don’t’ track your time, get ready for some eye openers! Now that you know what you love to do in your business and you’ve taken inventory of all the things you actually do in your business (from the previous classes), tracking your time adds an extra dimension of adding to your profitability. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 5.

Class 6: Self-esteem for Your Brain: How celebrating your successes paves the way for more

Recording available now ADHDers in particular and business owners in general are tough on ourselves, and we spend more time beating ourselves up for our mistakes than we do noticing what we do right, and celebrating our successes.

And because we fly right by our successes, it sometimes feels like we don’t have any successes at all, when we really do. Research has shown that when you take the time to note and celebrate what you do right, it makes an impression on your brain which is stored for when you need it later. Listen to this class to learn how to build up your success brain bank, and pave the way to future success. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 6.

Class 7: Build your Confidence 1: Easy ways collaboration can stoke your confidence

Recording available now In business, nothing is more important than confidence—clients won’t hire you if you don’t appear confident. But confidence does not exist in a vacuum. You’re not naturally born with it or without it, and it’s not all about feelings as the dictionary defines it. It doesn’t just come about because of talent or expertise alone. It’s based on what goes before it, what is around it, and having support and practical application so that your belief systems and feelings can work.

You have to have the feelings of confidence based on something. You can’t just wish confidence into being. And one of the reasons why business owners have a hard time with confidence is because they lack consistent support systems. One of those important support systems is collaboration, the subject of this class. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 7.

Class 8: Build your Confidence 2: How customer feedback builds your confidence

Recording available now We talked in Class 7 about how confidence doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and there are practical ways to boost your confidence. Now we’re going to talk about getting confidence from the feedback you get.

And all of these levels work together to build your confidence. So if we know this, we can actually de­construct these areas and work on them to build them up individually. And it gives us a much stronger leg to stand on.

It’s important that we do this. So often we just go out there like The Lone Ranger, thinking, “I know my work. I know how to do my thing, so I’m just going to go out and get clients and I’m going to teach it or I’m going to do it or I’m going to serve my clients and bring in money.” And that’s what a lot of times get us in trouble. Because we’re out there at the end of the limb, and we’ve forgotten to look around us as to what’s going to hold us up, what’s going to help us out.

These confidence strategies are that support we need. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 8.

Class 9: How to Make Systems Work: Create new and implement your existing systems (even if you don’t recognize you have them)

Recording available now As a business owner with ADHD, you may have a love/hate thing with systems. You may fight against systems. You may know you need them, but also think systems stifle your creativity. Or you may think they’re too difficult to set up. Or they’re boring and you’ll never follow them. Or maybe you have set up systems and you don’t follow them.

Systems that you actually use in business are essential—if you want your business to be successful. If you’ve tried it without structure and systems, you know it doesn’t work :)

This class is about documenting the systems you already have but keep reinventing because you don’t write them down, and creating new ones. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 9.

Class 10: Your Unique Brilliance: Document what makes you different

Recording available now What makes your company different? What is your unique brilliance? Chances are, there are lots of great companies to work with and many places for people to spend their money—why should your customers work with you rather than the other guy?

I’m talking about WHY the people you want to work with want to work with you, and WHY they come back to you – from their point of view.

Being able to pinpoint and talk about your unique brilliance is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 10.

Class 11: Time Tracking 2: Analyze your time tracking (follow up from Time Tracking 1)

Recording available now Now that you know how you’re spending your time—based on the time tracking you did in Class 5: Time Tracking 1—we’re going to look at how much of that time is really working to your advantage.

Have you been tracking your time? If you’ve been following along, this is where we’ll analyze the time you’ve been tracking. Expect an eye-opening experience! Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 11.

Class 12: Lighten Your Load: How to Delegate, Delete, and Dump

Recording available now Now that you know the tasks and activities you should be doing more of from previous classes—the things you love, the tasks and parts of your business that keep you in your genius zone, the things you’re happiest at and do the best and will therefore help you make the most of your business—we’re going to separate out the things you should be doing less of.

We’ll be taking a look at how to delegate, delete, and dump the things that are eating up your time but not benefitting your business. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 12.

Class 13: Define Your Niche: Is Your Niche Narrow Enough?

Recording available now Even though it can be scary to declare a niche—you might leave someone out, and after all, you can help everyone, right?—it’s been proven that the smaller your niche, the more successful you will be. It’s better to get a concentrated group to love what you do than it is to get the whole industry to be “sort of” lukewarm about what you do—which is what usually happens when we just work within an industry. It’s difficult to get any traction. And you wear yourself out.

Is your niche narrow enough to benefit your business the most? Most business owners want to service the world, and this isn’t usually the best strategy. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 13.

Class 14: Define Your Ideal Customer: Who Do You Really Want to Attract?

Recording available now When you do the exercise, you’ll feel closer to your customers, understand them a little bit better, and feel more focused about how to reach them—about how to assist them instead of just trying to sell to them something. They will recognize this when they read your website or your marketing, and feel like you know them and are interested in them—which of course, you are!

Who do you really want to attract? Knowing who your ideal customer is and talking directly to that person is one of the best ways of focusing in on and staying on track with your marketing, so you’re not scattered all over the place. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 14.

Class 15: Talking Points: How to Always be Prepared (and sound smart!)

Recording available now Do you wish you didn’t stumble over your ideas in meetings, know what to say in networking events, and be able to stay on track when talking on the phone? Developing and knowing how to use talking points is one of my favorite strategies for ADHDers, one that has saved me so many times. When I stumbled onto this strategy, I hung onto it for dear life and I still use it all the time today—it never grows old.

You can use it in business but also in so many other areas of your life when you don’t want to get caught off guard or “Z out” or go off on so many different tangents that no one can follow you. It’s a must for ADD business owners, and it’s a must for important situations, so make sure to catch this class. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 15.

Class 16: Set up a Formal Referral System: Make sure you get the referrals you want

Recording available now Many of us depend on referrals and word-of-mouth for business and it’s great when that happens, but there are 2 problems with referrals:

  1. you don’t know when they’ll come in, so it’s very passive marketing
  2. you often get referrals you don’t want—they are not a good fit for you. That can be embarrassing if they were referred by a good client who thought they were doing you a favor, and now you don’t really want that referral

We’ll talk about ways to take control of the referral process so you can get the referrals you really want on a more consistent basis. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 16.

Class 17: How to Set Goals the Right Way (so you can achieve them)

Recording available now The purpose of goal setting is to get from Point A to Point B in your business—to see an objective or outcome you’d like and to be able to work your way to it, and to complete it and fully accomplish it. This is a wonderful thing when it actually happens, because, obviously, we get the thing we want, but we also get that feeling of accomplishment and momentum which is so important for success and growth.

The problem with goal setting for most business owners I talk to, and especially for those of us with ADHD, is that we don’t hang tight with our goals and see them through. We set our goals and then forget about them, we change our minds, we’re not consistent—so it’s no wonder we don’t accomplish them. We lose our way somewhere between Point A and Point B.

In this class, we’ll be talking about giving your brain what it needs to help you accomplish, and hang tight with, your goals. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 17.

Class 18: Communication: How to communicate regularly with your customers

Recording available now Just like with any other relationship, there’s nothing like regular communication with your customers to keep your relationships strong. Your clients and customers are busy, and if they don’t hear from you on a regular basis, it’s easy for them to forget about you and buy from someone else the next time they need something. It can be very disappointing when people you’ve developed relationships with forget about you because you haven’t kept in touch and continued to make yourself and your products and services visible to them over time.

Being clear, authentic, consistent, and having real useful information not only gets clients more interested in your offer, it trains them to open future communications from you, as they know there will be something useful for them, even if they don’t buy right now. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 18.

Class 19: Social Media: What do you really need to do?

Recording available now Social media is an entire subject by itself and beyond the scope of this program, so we’re not able to get into the nitty gritty here. Our purpose in this class is to help you be aware of why and how social media can help your business, and to be conscious about how you’re using it. Stop and think about your purpose for the different social media channels so you’re moving forward in a purposeful and productive manner, and not wasting time on social media that doesn’t help your business. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 19.

Class 20: Organize Your Brain 1: Get all of those scattered thoughts out of your head so you can look at them

Recording available now This is Part 1 of one of my favorite strategies. It’s one I use most with my clients to help them when they’re struggling, and it’s also something I use myself all of the time, because it works.

Most of us think we have to understand HOW all of our ideas and thoughts fit together before we start examining them, and since they’re all swirling around in our heads, and new ones are popping up all the time, we fear we’ll never grab hold of them.

There’s something so calming about the very simple process we discuss in this class that I’m going to tell you this—if you actually do it, it will lower your anxiety, calm you, and make you feel better about all that stuff that’s floating around in your brain, driving you crazy. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 20.

Class 21: Organize Your Brain 2: Organize and group your thoughts

Recording available now This is Part 2 of Organize Your Brain 1, above. That class laid the groundwork for doing your Sticky Note Brain Dump and getting all of your scattered thoughts out of your head first, before we do what we’re going to do in this class, which is to make sense of it all.

Here is where we start to see how all of our ideas and thoughts fit together. It’s where the fear starts to go away because we can see, touch, and move our ideas.

In this class I walk you step-by-step how to take your scattered ideas and organize them into things you can actually work on, gaining momentum, confidence, and clarity. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 21.

Class 22: Prioritize Your Workload: What goes first when everything is important?

Recording available now Whenever I ask ADD business owners, in person or through surveys, about their most pressing challenges, “prioritizing my workload” comes at the top of the heap. Because of course, in business, everything on your list is important.

It’s tough to know what to work on when everything on your plate is HOT HOT HOT, even after you’ve done a Sticky Note Brain Dump (Class 20) and have some action steps. In this class, we work through an exercise of prioritizing based on your most important business objective, which makes all the difference for knowing what’s most important for your business, right now. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 22.

Class 23: Create Your Own Signature System: What’s special about the way you do things?

Recording available now Now that you know how to develop systems for your business from Class 9, How to Make Systems Work, it’s time to document your own signature system—that special way you do something in your business that has your stamp on it.

It’s still a system, a way you do things for you clients to get a result for them, and it’s individual to you—there’s something about it that can’t be duplicated in just this particular way by anyone else—and that’s what makes it valuable to your clients.

A signature system can differentiate you in the marketplace and give potential clients and customers a reason to choose to work with you over someone else, as well as trust that you can deliver. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 23.

Class 24: Block Your Time: Critical to getting things done, AND you can skip your to-do list!

Recording available now When my clients ask me how I manage to be as productive as I am and churn out what I do, I tell them it is hands-down because I block my time. I simply can’t work without it. I threw away my overwhelming to-do list years ago in favor of time blocking in order to get things done, and I would never stop doing it.

Putting things on your calendar and doing them when you say you will is the best way I know of to be successful. This is something you’ll hear me say many times and I know to be absolutely true: what gets scheduled gets done.

I’ve been using this method for over 30 years and have transferred many of my clients to it. It takes practice and discipline, but the satisfaction of being able to check off the items in your day as you actually accomplish them—and being able to “see” ahead of time how much you can actually fit into your day—is definitely worth the effort! Don’t miss this class if you want to be more productive. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 24.

Class 25: Clean Your Plate & Investigate Getting Help: It’s crazy to think of doing everything yourself

Recording available now By now, you’ve done a lot of work on your business—and you realize how important it is to keep momentum with these strategies. You know how critical it is for you to continue with the genius work in your business, and get the non-genius stuff that bogs you down off of your plate. Right?

In this class, we look with new eyes at getting the non-essential work off of your plate, and consider getting help for the essential work that doesn’t have to be done by you, so you can focus on what you do best. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 25.

Class 26: Calculate the Cost or Benefit of Having Someone Help You: Sometimes it costs you less to have someone help

Recording available now Last class we did some “what if” thinking—wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get at least some of that stuff off of your plate? In this class we’re going to get down to brass tacks and see how possible that is for you by calculating the real costs and benefits for your business. You may be surprised by what you find! Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 26.

Class 27: Follow through: How to keep putting one foot in front of the other to finish what you start

Recording available now Follow-through ranks really high on the list of challenges for ADHD business owners, and you know why. We love to start things, get new ideas, and get excited by them. But soon the bloom is off the rose, and what sounded awesome (and probably still does!) now also sounds like work when you have to come up with a way to organize, prioritize, and actually do it.

And you can’t accomplish the objectives you have for your business and keep your momentum going if you don’t get good at follow-through. In this class we review the strategies you can use over and over again to help you get better at following through. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 27.

Class 28: Balance the Energy of Your Money: How to estimate, charge, and think about money so you don’t feel icky about it

Recording available now Many ADHDers have grown up with money issues, and you may have your own personal money challenges and beliefs. Your money beliefs can be very deep, and you may not even know how much they influence you—you just know you’re “not good” with money. These challenges can follow you into your business.

If you put off billing your clients, avoid talking about money with them, have problems setting your fees, if you undercharge, and don’t collect past due invoices, you may have some self-limiting money beliefs that are holding you back. In this class we begin to change the way we look at money so that each party in the transaction gets good and equal value—including you. It isn’t about giving things away, or being taken advantage of—or feeing icky. Having a different mindset about money can make all the difference. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 28.

Class 29: Calculate the Cost of Doing Business: Knowing this can help you set pricing, make decisions, and be more profitable

Recording available now Do you know what it actually costs you by the month, the day, or by the hour, to be in business? You can’t know how profitable you are unless you know how much it costs for you to run your business.

Knowing this number helps you set pricing so you’re not only covering your costs, but making a profit—which, besides doing what you love, is the whole point of running a business.

In this class I walk you through some easy calculations and show some true examples of how to find out what it really costs you to run your business. Without knowing your hard costs, it’s easy to get swayed by clients and projects that may not actually be profitable for you. Money doesn’t always equal profit, as you’ll see in this class. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 29.

Class 30: Track Your Customers: How to make sure you’re not letting your least important customers take up your most valuable time

Recording available now It’s easy to get caught up in thinking all of your customers are equal, but they’re really not. As we saw in the class on balancing the energy of your money, with some customers, you put out more than you get back. In order to help your business the most, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending time and showing appreciation with the customers who benefit your business the most—instead of just responding to the loudest customers and putting out fires.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to treat anyone badly, or give less than excellent service. It does mean you should be aware of who your best customers are and making choices that make the best use of your time, for your best customers, to benefit your business the most.

In this class you’ll learn an easy way to track your customers so you can make sure your best customers don’t get shortchanged—and maybe quietly slip away. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 30.

Class 31: Track Your Money: A simple way to keep tabs on the money in your business—it doesn’t have to be scary!

Recording available now You may be like a lot of small business owners and not look at the money in your business for any number of reasons: either you’re too busy, you’re afraid you won’t like what you see, or you just plain don’t like working with money and you figure it will all come out fine in the end if you keep your nose to the grindstone. From month to month, you don’t really know if you’re making money or not.

But the thing is, when you take a look at your money and know where it really is in your business by tracking it regularly, you gain control, peace of mind, and you’re incentivized to see it grow—it really can be very motivating.

In this class I make it very easy for you to keep tabs on the money in your business and give you the tools to encourage growth—without scaring you one little bit! Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 31.

Class 32: Talk About Your Business: Your enthusiasm leads to more interest, referrals, and business for you

Recording available now When you show your excitement for your business and talk about it, people get interested and ask questions. This makes an impression which leads to referrals, and also helps in case the person you’re talking to could be a potential customer, because your enthusiasm is real. You begin having interesting conversations instead of awkward pitches that feel icky.

And when you answer “What’s new?” type questions by talking about the work you’re doing on your business, it naturally leads to how this work can help your customers—which is what you really want everyone to know. It’s a very subtle, more interesting way of marketing.  In this class I give simple examples of turning everyday conversations into opportunities to show people how cool your business is—which can lead to more business. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 32.

Class 33: Connect with People: In a way that feels good to you, is consistent, and builds relationships

Recording available now Business is built on relationships. That’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. Whether you have lots of business relationships, or just a few, you know people forget about you if you don’t keep in touch. You’re just not at the top of their minds.

Whether you’re a social butterfly and love connecting with people or are a business owner who really doesn’t like to talk to people, this strategy will keep you in the habit of reaching out to strengthen relationships. I’ve found this to be an easy system that I and my coaching clients come back to again and again—because it can be accomplished in minutes, and it doesn’t make you feel icky or salesy. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 33.

Class 34: Get Out There: So your ideal clients can find you!

Recording available now Now that you know more about your business and who you serve, it’s time to get out there and be seen. People need to know what you have to offer, and seeing you—whether in person or virtually—is really essential.

A few years ago I read about a psychological study that when people see you more, they like you more. And when people like you more, they buy more from you.

There are lots of ways to do this so that your ideal customer can find you, but we want to make sure we’re being seen in the right places, by the right people, of course, in a way that you feel good about.

Depending on what type of business you have, you may want to consider one or more of these methods of sharing your expertise in a way that’s friendly and educational instead of pushy or salesy. The idea is not so much to sell, but to educate. People begin to know you for your expertise, and it’s a very powerful form of advertising. You don’t have to do traditional advertising or cold calling unless you want to. And you certainly don’t have to do anything that makes you feel icky. Recording available now $17. Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Specify Class 34.

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Most classes have downloadable worksheets. Links to the worksheets are on the class page.

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