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OMG, can it really be this simple?

I’ve always been so, so, so interested in what captures attention. Having owned a marketing communications firm for 25 years, and now coaching small business owners, I’m still fascinated and intrigued by what it is that initially captures and then holds the attention of potential customers. What makes one person or business so attractive and magnetic, and another . . . not?

I just watched a very interesting video on Denise Wakeman’s Biz Tips Blog — her interview with Dr. Rachna Jain.

(I’m taking Denise’s Online Visibility Secrets course where I was introduced to Dr. Jain — fabulous spoon-fed course, by the way, and yes, that is an affiliate link, and I will get a cut if you sign up through it. Full disclosure here, I am running a business.)

This is the one sentence — actually there were many sentences, but this one really stood out — that blew me away:

“. . . It comes from 1977 where a psychological researcher actually studied a phenomenon that says that when people see you more, they like you more.”

Now that’s just too darn simple.

She goes on to say:

“The shorthand is that familiarity breeds likeability. The extra piece of that is you become more likeable the more that people see you. Especially if you’re seen as giving them value or good content or information.”

I always heard that “familiarity breeds contempt.” And “don’t wear out your welcome.” And “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” And “here’s your hat, what’s your hurry?” (Something my mom and grandpa always said.) It never occurred to me that people might like me more just because they saw me more.

But with online businesses, that sure seems to be the case. Once someone is “everywhere,” like VISA, suddenly they’re it. The best. Thoroughly credentialed. Even if they’re only 14 years old, they get internet guru status, become instant authority figures, and everyone likes them and buys their stuff.

And the reason just might be, as Ms. Wakeman is fond of pointing out, that online, if you aren’t seen, you don’t really exist. For some of us old timers, this is a real wake-up call.

When people see you more, they like you more.

When people see you more, they like you more.

When people see you more, they like you more.

I don’t know why this is such a surprise for me, I’ve been in the marketing game for years, but there’s something about the way this is phrased that got me. It’s not really about marketing or advertising or even branding.

It’s about visibility.

Most of us, it would seem, should therefore stop putting any more time into learning more and honing our skills and producing programs and products and being better business owners until we’ve mastered this one thing: getting people to see us more.

And I thought people liked me for my brains.

I think it’s finally getting through to me. (Thanks, Denise. That’s why I’m taking your course.)

Tell me, are you guys consistently working on your visibility, too?

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