Be More Productive: Twitterview with Stephanie LH Calahan

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Stephanie Calahan

Marcia Hoeck

On Wednesday, I interviewed productivity expert Stephanie LH Calahan of Calahan Solutions via Twitter. It was a hoot! What goes on behind the scenes when you’re Tweeting an interview in real time — trying to get your questions and answers out quickly, giving valuable information within the 140-character limit, following the conversation yourself on Tweetchat using hashtags, watching for retweets, and getting kicked off of Twitter and not being able to get back on because of capacity issues — is all part of the serious fun of a Twitterview.

Here’s the interview in its entirety, as it ran — typos and slip-ups included (that’s part of the charm of a real-time Twitterview), without the retweets. I’ll let the exchange speak for itself. Enjoy!

@marciahoeck I’m Twitterviewing @StephCalahan (Stephanie LH Calahan) of Calahan Solutions, Inc. today. Hi Stephanie! #BizProd

@marciahoeck If you like what you see in this twitterview, please retweet! #BizProd

@StephCalahan Hello! I love that my 1st twitterview (right now) is w/ @marciahoeck (Marcia Hoeck Steger) #bizprod

@StephCalahan If you like what you see in this twitterview, please retweet! #BizProd

@marciahoeck Tweeps, search on #BizProd to follow the conversation.

@marciahoeck Stephanie, your bio says you’re a productivity consultant. Tell us what that means. #BizProd

@StephCalahan I work w/ intelligent, highly motivated, busy entrepreneurs, executives, producers & other pros… #BizProd

@StephCalahan You learn how to do more w/ your time, space, information & thoughts – you get focused & get things done. #BizProd

@StephCalahan I work 1:1, w/ groups and conduct transformational workshops and keynotes too. I love the variety. #BizProd

@marciahoeck Cool! And to intro me: I inspire entrprn’rs to be bold, powerful, & confident in business by arming w/tools & knowledge . . . #BizProd

@marciahoeck . . . needed to be successful — in non-scary ways. Most people would call me a business coach. Steph and I met on Twitter! #BizProd

@StephCalahan Yes! Twitter has been a fantastic tool for me to #meet fun & talented business pros. I’ve connected with some great people here! #BizProd

@marciahoeck Steph, give us your take on why we should care about productivity, then I’ll give mine. #BizProd

@StephCalahan #Productivity and #organization are about making time & room for what is important to you. #BizProd

@StephCalahan Webster’s says that #Productive = “producing or capable of producing” & “effective in achieving specified results” #BizProd

@StephCalahan If you find that you are not getting the results you want in your business or personal life, then you need better #productivity #BizProd

@marciahoeck We think because we own a biz we’ll know how to be productive, but I find that most biz owners just don’t.A lot of time is wasted. #BizProd

@StephCalahan sorry! Twitter kicked me off #bizprod

@marciahoeck technical difficulties! #bizprod #bizprod

@marciahoeck Let’s try that again: #BizProd #bizprod

@StephCalahan Technology not working can be a huge productivity drain too! LOL #BizProd Shall we continue our conversation?

@marciahoeck Yes, let’s soldier on! #BizProd I’m next:

@marciahoeck Income-prducing activities pay thebills, yet mst entrprn’rs don’t track time,so have no idea how much income they’re prducing. #BizProd

@marciahoeck Stephanie, how/why did you get into productivity? What got you interested in the first place? #BizProd

@StephCalahan I worked in Corp. Am. For a number of years & loved what I did. When the co. went public it was time for a change. #BizProd

@StephCalahan I knew I had a knack for teaching/coaching as well as prioritizing & organizing & I wanted to share my skills w/ others. #BizProd

@StephCalahan You can find my full story here.  #BizProd

@StephCalahan So, Marcia, what got you into working with entrepreneurs, and helping them to be more confident and successful? #BizProd

@marciahoeck I searched for help when I was growing my biz and couldn’t find anyone. After 25 yrs in the trenches, I want to help others. #BizProd

@marciahoeck Steph, I’m curious, do your clients really have crazy cluttered spaces like you see on T.V. or is that all show? #BizProd

@StephCalahan Some clients are really overwhelmed w/ physical things. Here is a video of 1 business owner’s experience.  #BizProd

@StephCalahan Others have spaces that are not cluttered at all, but their processes & thoughts are cluttered. #BizProd

@marciahoeck What is the #1 reason that people contact you for help? #BizProd

@StephCalahan By far, the #1 reason people contact me is because they are overwhelmed w/ paper & electronic information. #BizProd

@StephCalahan Did you know that the average person wastes 150 hours per year just looking for things?! #BizProd

@marciahoeck Ha! That sounds like me! #BizProd

@StephCalahan Maybe we need to talk ;-) #BizProd

@marciahoeck What do you tell them? How do you help with that – is there a 140-char answer? #BizProd

@StephCalahan Each person has unique challenges. We start w/ a phone laser strategy session to identify those challenges & figure out next steps #BizProd

@StephCalahan I have not delivered the exact same approach to any two clients. #BizProd

@StephCalahan You are unique right down to your fingerprints – your solutions should match you. #BizProd

@marciahoeck #BizProd technical difficulties again, can’t tweet yet #bizprod

@marciahoeck I need to know — is there anything you find yourself doing that gets in the way of your OWN organization & productivity? #BizProd

@StephCalahan I have to fight perfectionism. Perfectionism paralyzes you and is the death of progress! #BizProd

@marciahoeck There’s no room for perfectionism today-you can’t course correct if you’re not in the air-I had to overcome the same “affliction.” #BizProd

@marciahoeck Can you give us something to chew on? What’s a simple activity that consistently makes you or your clients more productive? #BizProd

@StephCalahan I have found that my most successful clients keep their priorities focused as they work throughout their day/week/month/year. #BizProd

@StephCalahan Unfortunately, many tell me that they are not sure what their priorities are or how they should use their time. #BizProd

@StephCalahan So I coordinated 40 int’l experts & made: Spcl Rpt: Priority Setting-Working on the Right Things #BizProd

@marciahoeck Ooh, Stephanie, I like that! The report is free right? I’ll pass that on to my clients, too.  #BizProd

@StephCalahan Yes, Marcia, the priority setting report is free to anyone that signs up. #BizProd

@marciahoeck Do you have a “most important” productivity tip? The one you give the most often, or the one that gets the most results? #BizProd

@StephCalahan Lack of decisions – it’s important to Decide to Decide! Things accumulate b/c we make an unconscious decision to not decide. #BizProd

@StephCalahan “Taking action is the real difference between the super-successful and wannabes.” ~Rich Schrfren #BizProd

@marciahoeck Yes! Many biz owners put off decisions cause they don’t have a good way to make them that they’re comfortable with. #BizProd

@marciahoeck I describe two ways to make decisions that will fit you on my PowerSmarts blog.  #BizProd

@marciahoeck Here’s my fav productivity tips: a note above your desk, PAY ATTENTION. When you see it, ask, “is what I’m doing worthwhile?” #BizProd

@StephCalahan YES! Paying attention is consciously focusing your time on an activity that gives you a good return. #BizProd

@StephCalahan The good news is that U have the ability to produce an infinite amount of attention. This is a powerful gift & must be used wisely #BizProd

@marciahoeck Attention! Just pay attention! #BizProd

@StephCalahan How U manage to focus your attention (or how long U keep your attention focused) will make or break your ability to get things done #BizProd

@StephCalahan “Efficiency is doing things right, but effectiveness is doing the right things.” ~Peter Drucker #BizProd

@marciahoeck I also sometimes wear a rubber band on my wrist and snap it when I realize I’m not paying attention. It works! #BizProd

@StephCalahan I have done that before too. #BizProd

@marciahoeck 1 last thing: we seem to be on parallel paths. I retooled my biz recently, & you’re pcking up steam. Talk abt your “theme” for 2011 #BizProd

@StephCalahan The things that you spend time thinking about the most will be the things you experience in life. #BizProd

@StephCalahan Make sure what you are thinking about takes you to the outcome you really desire. My theme is here. #BizProd

@marciahoeck Yes, and you become what you think about most of the time – so true. #BizProd

@marciahoeck I love that! Thanks for letting me pick your brain, Stephanie. Any last words? Programs or promotions we should know about? #BizProd

@StephCalahan Thanks for inviting me Marcia! This was fun! (even with Twitter kicking us off!) #BizProd

@StephCalahan You may qualify for a 30 min phone strat session – targeted focus on your goals & productivity. #BizProd

@StephCalahan Hey, Marcia, don’t forget to tell people about your Indestructible Business course! #BizProd

@marciahoeck It’s fabulous! If you want to move fr a biz that depends on you to 1 you can depend on. You can still get in.  #BizProd

@marciahoeck Wow, wasn’t this fun? We’ll stay on for a few minutes if anyone has any questions for either of us. Just use #BizProd and ask away.

@marciahoeck For the full interview, check or later this week. Still taking Qs, anyone? #BizProd

@marciahoeck Thanks everyone! #BizProd

@StephCalahan Thanks for following the Twitterview! #BizProd

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