A Monday Rant on “Marketing”

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**Caution. A Monday afternoon rant is coming up.**

I’m getting just a bit weary of all the people promising the moon these days, aren’t you?

Every time I open my email, go to Facebook, or check Twitter, someone is telling me I can “make 6 figures” or “get all the clients I need.”

It’s just getting so loud. And while a lot of it is really well written (and I love to read good copywriting that pulls me in), so often, there’s very little depth behind it.

Some of it is just common sense stuff, rehashed. (There is no “I” in “team.”) Some of it is airy-fairy feel-good stuff. (You must believe in your inner goddess.) Some of it is dished out by kids who just learned it yesterday from someone else. And some of it is downright dishonest and manipulative.

I’m pretty much a fan of plain old solid business advice.

I know there are no silver bullets. No magic beans. And you should know that, too. Running a business takes time, commitment, and work. That’s how we’re going to make 6 figures and get all the clients we need.

And, yes, there are some people, many people in fact, you can learn from who can get you where you want to go faster than you could go by yourself. I believe in hiring coaches, or I wouldn’t be one, and I wouldn’t have hired them for myself. I just want to point out that not everything you hear out there is right. And not everyone is telling the truth.

They call it “marketing.”

I still think marketing should be about getting people what they want and need, not what someone else wants to sell them.

So just keep your eyes open. Just because someone writes compelling copy doesn’t mean they can deliver on their promises. Check the person out before you sign up with them. Get clear on what they teach, what their track record is, and what others say about them. Ask around. Take your time. Trust your intuition. If you feel pressured, it’s not a good sign.

No one can give you the moon. You’ve got to grab the moon by yourself — the best coaches, consultants, and mentors can only point you in the right direction.

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